Boost offline sales with online data

Boost offline sales with online data
Wednesday 21 October 2015,
17:00 to 17:30

Improve lead generation effectiveness and cross-channel customer experience by empowering sales with online user reports

In this episode of The Blind Spot Sessions we will look at the information gap between online customer data and offline sales. A common source of frustration amongst marketers operating in industries where lead gen and research happens online, yet conversion happens offline.

By providing sales and customer service teams with online user reports, U.S Gold Bureau has made a significant impact to marketing ROI and sales effectiveness. U.S Gold's VP of Marketing, Joshua Hinsdale, will join us to tell his story. Joshua has over 20 year experience in marketing, with a focus on digital, and joined the company in 2010 to spearhead the launch of its first online store.

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You'll learn:

- Five-step approach to utilising online data to boost offline conversion

- How to create online user reports that show when a user was last active, search terms used, original traffic source, products viewed and more

- How to use this data to create lead gen campaigns that truly impact bottom line

Without free flowing data sales teams are completely blind to the critical first stage of the customer journey, rendering lead gen campaigns far less impactful. Join this webinar to learn what you can start doing today to start delivering increased ROI and stop losing leads.


17:00–17:05: The blind spot: A gap between online and offline channels
17:05–17:15: U.S Gold's story - the 'mind-blowing' user report
17:15–17:25: A five-step approach to start bridging the data gap
17:25–17:30: Live Q&A


Joshua Hinsdale

VP of Marketing and Public Information at U.S Gold Bureau

Tara Melton

Qubit Strategist

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