Boosting ancillaries: 5 big ideas for travel brands

Boosting ancillaries: 5 big ideas for travel brands
Thursday 3 December 2015,
16:00 to 16:30

In this webinar, Gabriella Pitt, Travel Strategist at Qubit will show you how to boost your ancillary revenue whilst improving the digital experience for your on-site bookers.

Join us on this 30 minute webinar to discover how the world’s leading travel brands are setting the standard in ancillary sales.

Some of the big ideas Gabriella will talk you through:

  • Cohort Badging: making your ancillary deals stand out through intelligent badging based on your key segments (e.g. if you recognize a booker is travelling with a family, reorder their results and highlight the family car they may need).
  • Personalized Abandonment: discounting ancillaries on exit for specific segments (e.g. if a visitor has explored business class flights but is about to leave without booking, highlight the benefits of lounge access and throw in a discounted upgrade offer ).



Gabriella Pitt

Travel Strategist, Qubit

Matthew Robinson

Travel Marketing Manager, Qubit

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