Continuous Optimization webinar

Continuous Optimization webinar
The anatomy of 1-to-1 customer experience
Wednesday 27 May 2015,
15:00 to 16:00

Learn how the winners of the 21st Century ecommerce war will build a powerful, customer-centric business model that enables entire organisations to learn from and optimize every customer engagement allowing them to keep evolving and improving customer experience.

Continuous Optimization is a strategic analytics-driven approach that enables businesses to create one workflow and an actionable single view of the customer.

The most successful brands of the next decade will employ Continuous Optimization to ensure that their customer experience delivery remains a winning point of differentiation in a constantly shifting market.

This webinar will be an open, audience-led conversation with experts so do come prepared with questions to get maximum value out of the session for you and your business.


Hear rare industry insights, case studies and expertise from:

  • Forrester: James McCormick, senior analyst and author of Optimizing The Digital Customer Experience: Marketers Must Adopt And Embrace Continuous Optimization
  • Farfetch: Joane Nakamura, optimization analyst at the billion-dollar valued luxury fashion ecommerce powerhouse
  • Qubit: Founder and CEO, Graham Cooke

Key takeaways

Participate in an open, audience-led conversation as we explore the themes that will increasingly distinguish the winners and losers of ecommerce

Hear how today’s leading ecommerce brands have already started to explore the synthesis of their people, processes, technology and data to create a single customer data workflow around the business

Learn what clear steps need to be taken to go from ‘customer-experience focused’ to truly ‘customer-centric’ - the benchmark that differentiates businesses and drives both short-term returns and greater customer lifetime value


Graham Cooke

CEO and Founder, Qubit

James McCormick

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Joane Nakamura

Optimization Analyst, Farfetch

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