Our Company

Our Company

Qubit provides businesses with the technology and insights needed to deliver meaningful digital experiences at scale

In the era of digital transformation, marketers can’t afford to spend hours on site changes that don’t drive business value. Making superficial adjustments to layout, navigation, or campaign messaging can seem enticing, but should be the icing on the cake, and not fundamental to your optimization strategy.

Getting the most value from your technology starts with knowing who your most valuable customers are and addressing their needs. Qubit has always approached personalization in this way.

Understand and influence

To understand your customers, we build targeted segments by:
Asking questions to determine user preferences
Facilitating in-depth data collection from your site
Ingesting data from other relevant parts of your organisation

Within the Qubit platform, customer segments will not only be created in the mind of the marketer, but is further facilitated by machine learning to generate more meaningful segments that you may not have thought of.

To influence your customers, we have a highly flexible JavaScript editor which works across website, mobile and app. Front and centre are our programmatic experiences, including social proof, abandonment recovery, product recommendations and Qubit Visitor Pulse. Programmatic experiences are proven to be 24x more effective than basic UX and messaging changes.

Under the hood

The platform is built on Qubit Visitor Cloud, a customer data platform that enables real-time analytics and content serving across all your digital channels. Through our network of APIs, Qubit Visitor Cloud facilitates multichannel orchestration of digital experiences so that personalization doesn’t have to stop at your website.

Our customers

Qubit powers experiences reaching over 400 million consumers each day for brands including Topshop, John Lewis, Emirates, NET-A-PORTER, Spirit Airlines, Ladbrokes, Thomas Cook, Ulta Beauty and UNIQLO.

To date, we have received over $76 million in funding from Goldman Sachs, Accel, Sapphire Ventures, Balderton Capital and Salesforce Ventures.

The foundations on which Qubit is built


We give you a complete, and contextually relevant, view of your customer so that you can take a strategic approach to personalization


We help you communicate with your customers in more relevant ways so that you see the greatest returns in the shortest time possible


We use machine learning and programmatic experiences so you can scale your efforts rapidly while leaving headspace for other targeted activities


We are built on a highly flexible customer data platform that plugs into your existing infrastructure so you don’t need to start over whenever a new technology comes along

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