Get closer to your customers.

We believe in the power of data to get you closer to your customers. Our personalization software will help every visitor to discover and spend more with the brands they love. This is where uplift lives.

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This time it’s personal®

Great brands are built on experiences that surprise and delight the customer. In our digital world, those experiences now happen in fractions of a second. Qubit’s personalization platform puts context, relevance and value into every visit. This isn’t about A/B testing a segment, it’s about getting closer to the people who are on your site right now.

What you can do with Qubit.

Customer segmentation

Create targeted and actionable segments.

Product recommendations

Inspire visitors throughout the journey.

Product discovery

Transform the mobile shopping experience.

Testing and optimization

Get better results with statistically proven testing.

Omni-channel personalization

Personalize across all channels.

Data integrations

Great experiences come from great data.

Qubit products.

Our mission is to drive customer loyalty and lifetime value through personalization. Whether you’re just starting out or pushing the limits of technology, we have the tools you need.

We work with the trailblazers.

Hear what they have to say about their Qubit experience.


Previously luxury brands defined themselves by an exclusive in-store experience; this change in focus, combined with an online presence that required updating, was the catalyst behind our decision to implement Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura.”

Felipe Araujo, Senior Director of Ecommerce


Our customers now expect the same personalized services they receive in-store online. Qubit allows us to deliver a personalization program on multiple domains to ensure a consistent level of quality and service across channels.”

Loanne Le Gac, E-Business Product Coordinator

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In an era where companies like Netflix, Spotify and Instagram are setting customer expectations, we need to think about taking the best parts of those experiences and applying them to ecommerce.”

Jeffrey Grannis, Director of Digital

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At River Island, we pride ourselves on being the perfect place to find everything you need for a brand new head-to-toe look, therefore, it’s essential that we make it easy for our shoppers to find what they’re looking for while browsing.”

Tim MacIvor, Head of Customer Experience


Qubit is the personalization platform that we’ve known and trusted for a long-time and we’re incredibly excited to be achieving greater degrees of scale with them.”

Darran Brindley, Head of Digital Product

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Qubit is a powerful segmentation and personalization tool made for everyone. The platform allows us to learn from that huge amount of data and use it with barely any effort.”

Eduardo Barea, Personalization Specialist


Qubit has enabled us to transform our online customer journey and differentiate our offering. The access to data gives us insight into our customer behavior, allowing us to predict intent and target customers appropriately.”

Daniel Ox, Co-CEO


We’ve made huge investments in our in-house data platform​ ​and​ ​Qubit not only adds to our capabilities but acts as an activation layer for insights found.”

Edward Moss, Managing Director - Sky Bet


Working with Qubit is a lot of fun, the team we work with are really passionate and want to get involved in every part of the personalisation process.”

Bhavik Patel , Head of Analytics & Optimization

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Be a leader in your industry.

Learn more about how we're delivering personalization at scale and meeting the specific needs of each industry.

Beauty and cosmetics

Discover relevant products, sample, upsell and replenish



Supercharge your merchandising with personalization



Drive brand experience online and look after your VIPs



Increase loyalty and boost ancillary sales


Travel and tourism

Persuasive personalizations that inspires your travellers


Online betting

Responsible personalization for real-time events

The journey to advanced personalization report thumbnail

The journey to advanced personalization.

The guide takes you on the three part journey to advanced personalization.
Learn how to get started with personalization, supercharge your strategy and deliver 1-2-1 customer interactions at serious scale.


Get started with personalization.

This is where the next wave of uplift lives.

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