Get closer to your customers.

We believe in the power of data to get you closer to your customers. Our personalization software will help every visitor to discover and spend more with the brands they love. This is where uplift lives.

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This is where the magic happens.

Gartner have released the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines, reviewing the representative vendors in the market, and we're named a Leader.

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This time it’s personal.

Great brands are built on experiences that surprise and delight the customer. In our digital world, those experiences now happen in fractions of a second. Qubit’s personalization platform puts context, relevance and value into every visit. This isn’t about A/B testing a segment, it’s about getting closer to the people who are on your site right now.

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This is where uplift lives

Qubit’s programmatic experiences can deliver 14x better Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) improvement.

If you’re not first, you’re last

Competition online is fierce and it’s proven that personalization will put you ahead of the pack.

It’s a world of opportunity

When you can tap into all of your visitor data, you can build online experiences for everyone.

We understand your challenges.

We’re working with some incredible Retail, Travel and eGaming brands to deliver personalization at scale. See what they have to say about their Qubit experience.

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  • Travel
  • eGaming

The personalization program delivered through the Qubit platform has added several millions of pounds of revenue to the brand’s top-line performance.

Simon Pritchard, Group Digital Director

With Qubit it feels like you’re in expert hands, a platform with advanced functionality and endless possibilities.

Francesca Contardo, Head of Ecommerce - Pandora A/S


By partnering with Qubit we can bring customer-centric experiences to life and leverage an incredible amount of data to do that.

Brittney Juge, Manager of Analytics

Qubit is a huge part of our website and on-going strategy. It’s easy to use and we don't have to rely on the tech team for implementation meaning we can make decisions quicker.

Marianna Satanas, VP - Ecommerce


Qubit is the personalization platform that we’ve known and trusted for a long-time and we’re incredibly excited to be achieving greater degrees of scale with them.

Darran Brindley, Head of Digital Product

Qubit is a powerful segmentation and personalization tool made for everyone. The platform allows us to learn from that huge amount of data and use it with barely any effort.

Eduardo Barea, Personalization Specialist


Qubit’s robust technology platform allows us to initiate a high-powered personalization program, as well as create new revenue streams through ancillary product sales

Doug Bertram, Director of Digital Marketing


Qubit’s platform and integrated solutions will help us to better understand who our customer is and their behaviors throughout the customer journey.

Bobby Schroeter, VP - Consumer Marketing


Qubit are great at driving us forward, they know our industry, and it feels like a lot more is possible with their tool over other providers.

Lisa Sendall, Head of Ecommerce


We’ve made huge investments in our in-house data platform​ ​and​ ​Qubit not only adds to our capabilities but acts as an activation layer for insights found.

Edward Moss, Managing Director - Sky Bet


Betfair is continually improving the customer experience. With Qubit, we’ve been able to deploy experiences that have been the first of their kind in our industry

Liam Barbour, Head of Product Management - Sportsbook

Working with Qubit is a lot of fun, the team we work with are really passionate and want to get involved in every part of the personalisation process.

Bhavik Patel , Head of Analytics & Optimization

With the Qubit platform and data infrastructure we’re accelerating the development of our Sportsbook and Casino products, and opening up some really exciting opportunities.

Brian Mahon, Sportsbook Product Manager


Qubit’s technology is breaking the impact barrier and enabling Ubisoft to personalize to our customers at scale.

Maxime Bosvieux, EMEA Ecommerce Director


Right product. Right time.

Whether you’re starting out in your personalization journey or are an expert user, we have the right product for you. What do you want to achieve?

Personalization starts with discovery.

Shoppers now spend equal time on mobile and desktop, but mobile consistently underperforms. Time to change the status quo.

Qubit Aura redefines how shoppers discover your products on mobile web, combining user behavior, machine learning and persuasive techniques to create a personalized app-like experience for each customer.

This is where personalization begins.

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Personalization for the pros.

Truly know your customers. Use machine learning and high impact digital experiences to help them spend more with you.

Qubit gives personalization experts all the tools they need to show the right content to the right visitors at the right time. Granular, event-based customer data collection. Flexible, adaptive segmentation. Proven programmatic experiences get you started and the custom mode enables marketing developers to push the boundaries of personalization.

This is where real uplift lives.

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Getting started on the path to personalization.

Use proven tactics which provide concrete first steps to demystify and accelerate your personalization initiatives.

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Explore how using scalable, automated techniques powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) will put you on the path to personalization in a smart, efficient way.Get started on the path to personalization today.


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This is where the next wave of uplift lives.

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