There are many reasons to start a personalization project, but the core is always the same: personalization is about giving the customer what they want.

In a blog for IMRG, Qubit CMO Leah Anathan looked at the underlying principle of personalization, and the three priorities which should guide every personalization program in its early stages.

Personalization is a hot topic right now, recognized as distinct from the A/B testing and optimization spaces, although there are still points of overlap. In our new report we look at the essential priorities for getting started with personalization, meeting the expectations of the modern consumer, using tactics that deliver value, and scaling your team’s efforts for maximum impact.

Customers are on mobile: you should be too

Our research shows that, despite double the traffic of computers, mobile conversion is only half, and that the reason for this is because of poor product discovery. That it, it is hard for customers to use mobile sites to find products they’re interested in.

The most valuable tactics

The techniques which work are ones which alter the customer experience in such a way as to help customers get what they want: ones which impact behavior, rather than site design. These are often techniques which encourage customers to explore more of your product catalog, or ones which differentiate products on a page and give compelling reasons to buy.

Machine learning and automated scale

Set-and-forget techniques, time-saving strategies like templates, and being able to set rules will all help you deliver more impact for your effort. Even more impressive is machine learning, which can bring you closer to the customer by delivering 1:1 experiences automatically.

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To read Leah's full blog, head over to IMRG, and to find out more about taking the first steps on the path to personalization, read our newest report.

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