Customer experience in fashion has to be exceptional and personalized.

In one of the most fast-paced industries, there’s no excuse for poor user journeys, especially with the technology to enable unique experiences now almost pervasive.

Fashion success stories

Some of our longest standing customers, like TOPSHOP, Farfetch and NET-A-PORTER have been delivering personalized experiences online ever since Qubit was founded in 2010.

In fact, fashion accounts for over 30% of our customer base, which is why we have created the ‘Personalization in Fashion’ guide. The guide unearths the data Qubit uses to provide impactful experiences and segmentation at scale, which in turn drives lifetime value, loyalty and retention.

What personalization strategies should you prioritise?

By targeting  personalized experiences toward an onsite visitor, with a specific ‘need’ or ‘characteristic’, you can increase effectiveness by 3x. In our study, ‘Getting 6% more’, the data of which was audited by PwC, our consumer survey found that 49% of people were happy to share their preferences with businesses who use it to make the shopping experience better, with 57% revealing that their favourite retail websites already make efforts to personalize around their preferences and interests.

1. Abandonment recovery

Prevent valuable customers from slipping away - or if they do, win them back onsite or via email.

Abandonment recovery - Fashion personalization strategy

2. Social proof 

Use social proof, urgency, and scarcity to create purchase impetus and reassure your customers about their purchase decisions.

Social proof - Fashion personalization strategy

3. Recommendations

Take control of what your customers see with our targeted product recommendations engine. Deliver results with recommendations based on visitor understanding, human behavior, and the power or machine learning.

Recommendations - Fashion personalization strategy4. Segmentation

Sophisticated customer segmentation is at the heart of personalization. Using data to understand who your site visitors are, enables you to get closer to your customers with persuasive personalization, at the right time and in the right place.

Segmentation - Fashion personalization strategy

7 fashion personalization strategies

Explore how you can deploy smart tactics just like these, to your customers, and delight them throughout their journey on your website.

Uncover the seven personalization strategies in this brand new guide that will drive revenue and deliver against your business goals. These are proven to help build customer loyalty and achieve lifetime value.

Personalization in fashion preview
Additionally, if you’re interested in learning from fashion and ecommerce experts at Lilly Pulitzer, Miss Selfridge, Google, Mobify and Qubit. Then register for our upcoming event, ‘Powering through peaks with purpose driven personalization’, in London and New York.



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