Introducing Beauty personalization, the solution for high-growth and enterprise companies

Beauty and cosmetics is the fastest growing industry in ecommerce and one of the most lucrative. It remains one of the strongest retail sectors in the U.S and according to a GlobalData report: ‘The UK Health & Beauty Market 2017-2022’, beauty and cosmetics is set to be the UK’s fastest growing retail segments through to 2022.

Statistics like this prove there’s opportunity for cosmetics brands to capitalize on this trajectory. So, how do beauty and cosmetics brands match their in-store experience with an equally compelling experience online?

The answer is, of course, personalization.

Adopting beauty personalization to increase sales

Qubit has launched a dedicated set of Beauty personalization solutions. Solutions that go beyond optimization and are being adopted by the industry-leading brands we work with.  

Now is the opportunity individualize the customer experience for each and every customer, accommodating to their specific needs at every stage of their shopping journey. Beauty and cosmetics, after all, are some of the most personal products you can purchase.

To explore how you could use beauty personalization for your brand and ensure you’re capturing browser’s attention by making your products relevant, we have highlighted eight of the most effective personalization strategies. These are proven to increase uplift in revenue per visitor (RPV), conversion rates (CR) and ultimately drive customer loyalty and lifetime value.

1. Explicitly understand your customer for future context

When a customer lands onsite, deploy a quiz that informs the segment they should fall into based on their interests. For cosmetics, this might be based on their ‘skin type’; for example, oily skin or dry skin. This can then inform the rest of the customer journey so visitors can navigate your product range more easily.
Beauty Skin Quiz - Beauty personalization

2. Inspire visitors on mobile

Qubit Aura, is the product discovery solution for mobile web. Powered by artificial intelligence, it curates and tailors the feed of products based on behavior and intent. Juice Beauty is the perfect example of a brand using this to unlock lifetime value with mobile-first customers. We know mobile is the hardest channel to optimize, and this solution helps give users a seamless, bespoke and, most importantly, relevant experience.

3. Social proof badging

Have you observed high traffic to certain products but seen low conversion rates? Social proof badging leverages the principles of persuasion and encourages uncertain customers to convert by using different pieces of evidence. After a quiz to enable self-segmentation, you could badge products throughout the website that are relevant for a visitor’s chosen skin type.

4. Smart sampling

Strategically targeting free samples provide an ideal opportunity for upselling. Offer the most relevant samples based on what a visitor already has in their shopping cart.

5. Sample reminders

Sample reminders are another tactic that helps pave the way for upselling. Show encouraging messages to purchase the full-size version of a sample, this could be in the form of a banner.

Beauty Smart Sampling - Beauty personalization

6. Replenishment

Combine the data you have to predict when a customer might run out of a product, so that when they return you can remind them it’s in stock. This lets you surface reminder messaging like ‘It’s time to stock up’ when the visitors returns to site and the previous session’s purchases lifecycles are coming to an end. Chemist Direct leverage customer data to build seamless experiences.

7. Upsell to a larger size

If a larger size of a product is available, highlight this and show the discount per ml/g. This makes your customers feel as though you’re offering them the best value and is likely to create repeat purchases as you’ve built a level of trust, which in the long term leads to increases loyalty and retention.
Beauty Upsell Optimize - Beauty personalization

8. Intelligent segmentation

Understanding all the different visitors to your site will exponentially help you to accurately target the right products and messages at the right time. Beauty-specific segments can pack more punch and simplify discovery for first-time visitors. Gifters are able to choose the perfect present with a relevant experience. L’OCCITANE en Provence for example…


The rules of beauty ecommerce are changing. It requires cosmetics brands to put the customer at the heart of everything they do, working in a more customer-centric way. Providing the shopper with the opportunity to filter products on your website, find beauty tips and browse special offers pages, is simply no longer enough.

You can cut through the digital noise with these smart beauty personalization strategies and start to reap the rewards.

If you’re interested in finding out more, visit our Qubit for Beauty solutions page.

Qubit for Beauty solution page



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