Bright Sparks Video: The psychology of buying with Prof. Peter Grindrod, CBE.

November 22, 2013 by George Barker

With the sudden temperature drop and Christmas adverts already on the TV, it feels like so much longer than a week ago when Qubit and 70 of our guests descended into the heart of Soho for our newest event series: Bright Sparks.

Wide eyed and bushy tailed, we were treated to presentations from an academic lecturer from Oxford, a wunderkind marketer from Farfetch, and updates from Qubit’s very own Research Team – FYI, if you’re looking forRachel Waller’s presentation: The Farfetch Success Story, we’ve already uploaded it to our blog for you! 

Qubit Bright Sparks is a new concept that pairs inspirational thinkers from the fields of psychology, persuasion and economics with practical doers from the world’s most innovative retail brands. 

Filmed at London’s Groucho Club, we were joined by Prof. Peter Grindrod CBE, of the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, who discussed the psychology behind purchasing, and how you can structure your online store for success.


The psychology of buying online featuring Peter Grindrod 



Key takeaways


  • A is for Analytics;  How are we addressing the needs of customer segments? With Tesco’s clubcard, we can even see what crisps people like to buy with their beer – data is valuable!
  • B is for Brands; When should you invest heavily in your digital channel? How we’ll see the rise of the Segment Manager one day and why Colgate should never go online.
  • C is for Co-Creation; Why academics are researching into the early detection of online social norms.
  • D is for Decision; Can we apply the study of Behavioral Economics and Heuristics to the digital world? Featuring the positive side of seduction ie. Marketing.
  • E is for the Experiential Web; What will digital society look like in 10 years time?

We loved having Peter with us and we hope you enjoy watching him too. For more videos and Bright Sparks content, sign up to our RSS feed to get it first.

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