July marked the end of what was an incredible 31-day festival of football. The World Cup 2018 was an emotional rollercoaster providing unmissable action week on week. In an exhilarating final, France beat Croatia 4-2 to win their second World Cup.

To explore how eGaming companies can come out on top during such competitive times, we hosted an event at Google’s campus in Tottenham Court Road. The afternoon was brimming with customers and prospects, and we were fortunate enough to hear Sam Talbot, Head of Marketing Tech at Skybet, discuss how the company uses smart personalisation techniques to give customers faster and more relevant experiences.


With an overarching theme on the evolution of how digital experiences could mirror the kind of personal and human interactions you expect in the real world, the session was broken down into three key stages:



                  ‘Business is not about money, it’s about customers’

1. Understanding your customers and putting them first

Kicking off the session, Sam stripped things back and reminded us that before everything else, you need to understand your customer. It’s crucial to collect data and feedback from your customers to achieve this.

In order for your customers to do business with you, they need to trust you. The best way to build trust is with education and honesty. By explaining to customers why data is collected and what it is used for, brands can build better relationships and deliver great experiences through individual personalization—something that can truly set you apart from your competitors.

Too often this hasn’t been the case though, and recent high profile examples of data being used nefariously have created a public suspicion, against data collection practices. How badly have online brands screwed up to get to this situation? One in which customers are not willing to share data, even if it is for the purpose of delivering a better experience.

2. Timeliness and scale

In eGaming, data science models are used for predictive betting. But during peak times, there can be hundreds of thousands of people online and betting at any moment. This is one of the areas where machine learning and can have the biggest impact and is the most effective when operated in real-time and delivered at scale.

Skybet’s Qubit implementation must constantly be in sync with their real-time core product, with in-play markets that are offered, priced and paid out almost immediately. The window in which to provide a contextual personalized experience in eGaming has become ever more so fleeting. You’re allowing your customers to reinvest winnings immediately and in turn offering a better experience for them.

“Congrats, you’ve just won £25.60, see how the odds on the next scorer have changed?”

3. Being an ambassador for safe betting

Every eGaming operator has a social, professional and regulatory responsibility to protect players and the same real-time segmentation capabilities used for providing a more personal experience, are also being applied to responsible gambling.

Qubit have been working with a number of operators to identify the key signals of problem gambling and develop these into a real-time player protection systems that acts in real time to identify and influence users. In some scenarios the most appropriate and effective action to take action may be in the form of a short survey to ensure the customer is aware of their self exclusion options, at other times, it may be a more decisive intervention.   

If you would like to find out more about how you can make the most out of personalization at peak times, and giving customers the best experience so your brand is always top of mind, download our book of egaming.

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