Former Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister gives QTalk on Career Planning

October 6, 2018 by Michelle Cachucho

Broadening horizons with inspirational voices

Since launching QTalks, I’ve had some wonderful introductions to speakers, two of which have actually been Qubyte Dads. This is always a lot of fun as it’s fascinating finding out about the extended Qubyte family.

Career planning and career opportunities 

This week we had the pleasure of having another Qubyte dad, Peter Storr, come and speak. Peter is a former Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister in No 10 Downing Street, which he left earlier this year. Prior to that, as a member of the Executive Management Board of the Home Office, he was involved in the strategic direction and oversight of an organisation of 25,000 people. His career as both a diplomat and senior civil servant has involved him in extensive European and international negotiations, including heading U.K. delegations to the EU, G8 and UN. He was made a Companion of the Order of the Bath in the 2010 Queen’s Birthday Honours.


Peter’s theme for this QTalks was “Career planning and career opportunity” raising questions like, “Should we plan our careers?” or “Do we just get stuck in and see what happens?”.

Peter’s stories shared how he initially landed up being the middle man between an MP and the world of Intelligence, his influence on Government response to the rules around wiretapping from the intelligence agency, as well as working for the UN in the office of drug and crime helping develop international policy on child trafficking and abuse, which lead to smashing a ring of organised child traffickers opening over 300 global investigations to try and find them.

What led Peter to these wonderful, ultimately different paths in his career?


His response to that question was his drive to avoid boredom.

“Whether you plan your career or let it happen, be prepared for something unexpected happening. Make a bold decision quickly and have no fear. It will always work out in the end”

A real takeaway from Peter’s talk encouraging us to be brave and to push ourselves to live on the edge of our comfort zone and not get bored with what we are doing. It’s funny because it’s often fear that holds us back from making bold decisions but hearing from someone with Peter’s experience, reminds us that it’s often a lot simpler than we think.

A deep dive into the story of British immigration 

On the 26th of July we had Robert Winder, former Books Page Editor of The Independant and author of several novels and history books, including Bloody Foreigners: the Story of Immigration to Britain, discussing how immigration has heavily influenced UK prosperity.


Robert spoke about a walk he led last year, which ran from the Cutty Sark to Covent Garden – pointing out all the migrant ‘echoes’ along the way and the influence it has had on the UK.

There were stories shared about how many stained glass mosaics in British cathedrals were created by Flemish glaziers, that many of the royal family were born abroad and how Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the radio, founded The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company in the United Kingdom in 1897, all immigrants who moulded the UK in some way.

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