As ecommerce organizations continue to seek a scalable ways to provide relevant and memorable customer experiences, thoughts turn to personalization. Personalization is a means of creating value and inspiring loyalty, but more often than not, it is thought of as a daunting task by those responsible.

Make a case for personalization

To help you kick-start the process, we have launched a brand new report, intended for anyone at any stage of their path to personalization at scale. If you’re just starting out, we’ll guide you through taking your first steps, then we will explore some powerful automated techniques that involve product recommendations, social proof and product discovery on mobile. If you’re further along the journey, in addition to exploring the basics, we look at practical examples from Qubit customers and where to go next.Path to personalization reportThe recommendations in the ‘Taking a first step on the path to personalization’ aren’t just opinions, they are based on research built from Qubit’s dataset of billions of customer journeys. These tried-and-tested tactics are championed by some of the world’s leading organizations and have helped to achieve millions of dollars in increased revenue and lifetime value.

Take your first step

So, what are you waiting for? Get one step ahead and understand how you can start on your path to personalization. It’s no secret that personalization is now a driving force in everything we do online, look at your Instagram feed, your Spotify playlist, or your Netflix recommendations - now is the time for ecommerce to catch up.

If you think there’s no way you can get up and running fast with personalization due to limited data and resources, then think again. It is possible to create value, simply follow the key steps found inside for achievable, realistic and scalable solutions to start you on your journey.

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