Guiding Customers with Beauty Quizzes

May 13, 2021 by jessica

Personalization in the online beauty industry typically lagged behind other markets such as fashion and apparel because it was heavily reliant on an in-store experience. Beauty buyers preferred to be in-person for trying on products and getting advice from beauty consultants as they shopped. But this is all changing, and changing rapidly.

A popular way of letting customers give you the data you need for personalized suggestions is beauty quizzes. They are an effective way to personalize online visits, while providing more insight into the customers for brands. 

 Why the ecommerce experience in beauty is especially relevant right now 

Digital disruptors, social media influence, and younger generations more comfortable with purchasing online have put pressure on legacy beauty brands to provide better, more personal online experiences. Technology advancements, including leveraging AR and VR, are some of the ways in which personalization in beauty has accelerated, and customers increasingly expect the beauty industry to give customized and immediate suggestions.

Then, of course, COVID-19 forced companies to recreate in-store experiences online and accelerated the push for further investments in a digital presence. How much did the pandemic affect the cosmetics industry?  The numbers tell the answer:

COVID 19 Impact 

  • Before COVID-19, online sales accounted for up to 15% of beauty purchases. Online targets have been brought forward (dramatically!), with online growth of 20-30% across the industry. 
  • Qubit’s own holiday shopping analysis of anonymised customer data shows similar insight: holiday visitors rise 20% and holiday revenue increase by 26% compared to 2019

How beauty quizzes provide personalized experiences

The in-store experience often starts with a single question, or several questions, asked by a beauty consultant, that are designed to gauge the wants and needs of the customer. In the beauty industry, we can infer the answers to many of these questions by behavior.  For example, if a customer shops by a concern, i.e. wrinkles, then they have already indicated their primary need. Of course, all of this was dependent on a beauty consultant who asks the right questions, has a keen eye, and has the knowledge base to give the best recommendations.

This sort of experience can be replicated with online beauty quizzes. With a few questions, a company can figure out what a customer wants, and using a camera and augmented reality, can show a customer exactly what they need. There are many added bonuses of doing online beauty quizzes. One is that the probing questions are less likely to feel obtrusive or too personal, because there is literally no ‘person’ doing the questioning—and these can elicit more explicit responses. Another is that whatever data gotten from the quiz can be retained and combined with new information, allowing companies to give better and better suggestions. Lastly, online quizzes are fun! People like finding out about themselves. Don’t believe me? Then reacquaint yourself with your older relatives’ Facebook posts about what their favorite flower says about them…

How beauty quizzes work

With online quizzes, we can harness the power of explicit data, using a beauty survey or ‘Visitor Pulse’ when a customer lands on site (or at other key moments of the visitor journey such as the second page view) to ask exactly what their concern might be, or what their purpose for coming to site might be in the first place. Once we know this, we can tailor subsequent experiences with your brand by highlighting content and products relevant to the user, through the use of dynamic product  badging, for example, or guiding them to the most relevant page. What we’ve done here is badge products according to the skin concern a customer told us they have through the quiz, increasing relevance and therefore likelihood of the user converting from visitor to purchaser. Our customers who leverage beauty quizzes like these have seen extraordinary results—uplifts of 8.2% in RPV (revenue per visitor).

beauty quiz

Value to visitor and to brand

Obviously, the goal of these quizzes is to provide an easy, fun, hassle-free way for users to provide data, which gets utilized to help them find exactly the beauty products they are looking for. By matching preferences to the right products, it provides them better, faster product discovery and a streamlined purchasing funnel. The more implicit and explicit data provided by these quizzes, the more complete of a picture you get of who your customers are and what they want to buy. Qubit’s dynamic audience creator automatically populates and updates visitors so that they are served personalized experiences. As a result, customers are delighted with relevant and tailored recommendations that make them more likely to become return customers, driving higher CLVs (customer lifetime values). In short, quizzes create an enjoyable and beneficial experience for your customer and enables the beauty industry to finally establish a robust and profitable online presence.


At Qubit, we are data-driven, enabling us to be laser focused on achieving high success rates for our customers. Generic solutions that treat every customer the same breed generic results and that’s why we’re always at the forefront of new technologies that enable us to drive a truly personalized ecommerce experience. We’re here to make ecommerce better. 

Reach out to us here to learn more about our “Visitor Pulse’ beauty quiz and additional beauty solutions.

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