One of the biggest challenges we see in online betting is the challenge of loyalty within an often fickle user base.

Customers can readily switch between each brand of sportsbook and there has seemingly been a race to the bottom. This race is focused on offers and advertising designed at re-acquiring lapsed customers, rather than focusing on retention, loyalty and, ultimately, advocacy.

Indeed, in the Feefo Gaming Report for 2018:

  • On average, Sportsbooks only succeed in persuading 52% of customers to make more than 2 deposits
  • Only 3% of customers stay loyal to a company for more than a year
  • And 79% of customers have switched betting company at some point.

At Qubit, we think this represents a huge opportunity for Operators.

New innovations, or products, like virtual reality, are great for the press but aren’t aimed at driving customer lifetime value or the short-term challenges faced by most operators.

With this in mind, the team at Qubit set about thinking how personalization would increase retention and engagement with a customer base engaged with a Sportsbook, but who likely use one, if not more, competitors.

1 - Personalized betslip receipt recommendations

By using data about a bet the individual has just placed you can provide relevant recommendations in real-time. What we mean by recommendations here, we mean which markets are most-often paired with that placed by the customer. To scale this across all markets, Qubit can leverage data science to make these predictions even more relevant.

2 - Personalize in-app and push notifications

Use the signals from the user to surface notifications based on the bets they place and when they win. Notifications to highlight offers, events and upcoming matches can be a great way to ensure they come to you, rather than a competitor.

For example;

  • When a customer places a bet on a specific event - let them know if they can watch the match live on your app before kick-off
  • When the bet has been settled - celebrate their winning moment and notify them of trending bets for the same event

In both of these moments, the customer has engaged and given you information of their intent and interest, this data is perfect to inform communications and real-time notifications for more relevant future personalizations.


3 - Ordering vs. real personalization of the navigation

Too often we see Operators focused on the ordering of their navigation, rather than delivering a personalized one for the customer.

Based on just a couple of interactions and user events (page visits, bet interactions, and placement events), you can quickly derive the content that will most interest that unique customer.

With that information, you can tailor the navigation based on which sports, competitions or games your user is most interested in - a great way to cross-sell.

If you have a customer that’s a sports-only bettor then you won’t have data about their favorite game to cross-sell them, but since this is often a key objective, Qubit recommends inserting the most popular game into the navigation for the first-time gamer segment.

At Qubit, we also understand the need to prioritize particular business goals or seasonal competitions. Our technology gives Operators the ability to add configurable rules to takeover personalized slots with major sporting events or campaigns - giving you the full flexibility to

The navigation is such a key piece of screen real estate and provides a key moment to curate a relevant experience for your customer. With personalization, you make sure it’s always tailored to the visitor based on the user events you’re capturing.

Customer loyalty as the next frontier

As loyalty to brands is low and margins tight due to race to the bottom on offers and promotions, personalization is an important way you can create lifetime value and differentiate as a brand. Retaining customers through curated online experiences, we think, is the next frontier for successful Sportsbook Operators.

Personalization in online gaming moves beyond just recommendations, and at Qubit, we’re constantly working with our customers to make tailored customer experiences pervasive.



Jason Fernandes

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