It’s never too early to prepare for peak trading. We want to help you make the most out of the holiday period, so we’ve teamed up with Mobify to give you a live Q&A session. On June 14 , our panel of experts will discuss the latest and greatest techniques in personalization, and offer tips for delivering a world class shopping experience.

Expect to hear expert opinions, insights and examples of how the best ecommerce companies are driving revenue for their business. We will explore how the likes of Instagram, Netflix and Pinterest have used AI technologies to influence user expectations.

 Path to personalization report

The live Q&A will bring together a retail strategist, a data scientist and a UX expert who have a proven track record of creating personalized, frictionless experiences for shoppers - it’s not to be missed.

What you’ll learn:

  • What trends to expect this upcoming Black Friday
  • How to differentiate your brand and deliver data-driven experiences
  • Ways to meaningfully engage shoppers in an age of decreased attention
  • How to turn the new visitors into lifelong customers

There are no visuals so you can tune in from anywhere!

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Emily Lewis

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