Lightning Talks Video : Andrew Nicholson on heuristics and biases (part 2)

February 17, 2014 by George Barker

When we left Andrew’s presentation, he had just made us Qubite’s realize how susceptible we really are to adjustment and anchoring. It was a 12 minute crash course in heuristics and biases – covering questions like ‘Where do we use heuristics?’ and ‘Did heuristics cause the financial crash?’.

Andrew came to speak to us at one of our Qubit Lightning Talk evenings – a night for Qubit employees to sit and listen to guest speakers teach us something new and interesting. Andrew has previously presented at events, such as Econsultancy’s Festival of Marketing, discussing the use of cognitive heuristics to optimize conversion rates.

We were lucky enough to have Andrew speak to us that evening and now we’re bringing him to you too (via video, of course).

Watch the second part of our video series where we ponder:

    • 1. How our social security number affects our spending.

    • 2. Why we’ll spend $120 on a tshirt but not $1200 on a handbag.

    • 3. Why people feel loss more than they feel gain.

    • 4. How Budweiser sales jumped by 33% thanks to a decoy beer.

    • 5. Are you susceptible to the Luton airport carpark?

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