Online shopping is becoming increasingly personal, with luxury brands priding themselves on exceptional customer experience.

This has always been the case in-store, but the evolving expectations of the customer mean brands must not neglect the online experience.

Maturing technologys has been the key driving force behind personalization. This is particularly important in the increasingly competitive luxury space where retailers must get the most from each visit. We have seen personalization boost sales up to 11% for some luxury customers, becoming an essential part of the brand’s strategy for loyalty, retention and driving value.

Creating luxury experiences

Qubit for Luxury has now launched. Qubit for Luxury is a set of personalization solutions dedicated to brands wanting to adopt proven customer experiences.  Here are examples of how you can ensure more relevant and contextual interactions with your onsite visitors.

Promoting fashion capitals

Allow customers to select a location to see what’s trending in any global city, be that London, Milan or Paris.. Enable this around a specific fashion week to increase relevancy in a timely way.

Promoting Fashion Capitals

Preference selection

Let your customers tell you what they like through
customer polling and feedback. Engage them in a conversation or allow them to express their wish lists. With this,  you will be able to deliver hyper-personal experiences throughout the site, based around their specifically expressed preferences.

There’s a lot that can be personalized in the navigation to ensure visitors see more of the products they want. Highlight key designers that are ‘rocking the world’ in different locations or promote brands or categories that a visitor has previously engaged with.

Personalized navigation

VIP targeting

Take note of the small percentage of your customers that deliver the highest proportion of your revenue. Serve your VIPs better by ingesting offline data you have about them and surface appropriate content, and exclusive interactions, like store openings and early access to private sales.

Using the power of segmentation

Segmented experiences are proven to be  3x more effective. By targeting specific groups of visitors according to your brand strategy, you can make relevant decisions about the products you show, or what messages you want them to see.

Lapsed Customer Activation

Product discovery with Qubit Aura

Use AI-powered Qubit Aura, and contextual data, to surface the most relevant products to your visitors on mobile. Let them enjoy a fast, natural browsing experience which helps them see 2.25x more products on mobile .

Drive loyalty and revenue in luxury with personalization

Luxury retailers have an enormous opportunity if they can leverage the power of personalization right. AI-powered technology has enabled a wealth of opportunity for ecommerce websites to recommend products on a one-to-one basis, and in a way that is always relevant to the shopper. Timely messaging can then engage visitors throughout their on-site journey and help brands gain a deeper understanding of their visitors, whilst ensuring there’s a real drive for lifetime value.

Qubit for Luxury


Emily Lewis

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