In his Medium blog post, Qubit’s own Alex Olivier highlights a couple of ways Qubit helps developers deliver advanced personalization.

Developers have their own continuous development and integration processes for the ecommerce platforms they manage. Personalization, which has a significant impact on these sites, needs to be included in those processes to make sure that everything works effectively and that everyone can work efficiently.

Packages is a great feature that streamlines development. It makes it easy to share and reuse code across experiences as NPM packages (and also reduces the size of Qubit client-side scripts).

One of the most significant tools Qubit has available to empower developers is our Command Line Interface (CLI), which lets developers work from their desktop, rather than in the Qubit platform. Our Product and Engineering teams have now made this even better, with support for Qubit CLI inside developers own preferred continuous integration/ continuous development environments. Essentially, developers can now work in their own preferred repos, and then push changes up to the Qubit platform, and even publish experiences directly.

We’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks about the tools we have that make it easier for developers to execute advanced personalization, using multiple data sources to create bespoke experiences tailored for their brands and their customers.



Sophie Coleman

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