The current state of retail

Technology is continuing to have a resounding impact on retail. With large amounts of brick-and-mortar stores shutting down, and one in every five pounds now being spent via the internet, brands are starting to take notice of ecommerce and the ways in which they can capitalize on this shift.

However, this is not without its challenges: market saturation, low customer retention and high basket abandonment rates affect most sub-verticals within retail. Fashion ecommerce is presented with specific obstacles, yet brands like Topshop and Farfetch continue to lead through the successful deployment of personalization throughout the customer journey.

In this blog, we will examine the challenges faced in fashion ecommerce and what personalization techniques can be utilized to ensure brand success.

 Inspire customers by surfacing relevant products

Having an extensive selection of fashion retailers to choose from means that visitors are more likely to abandon their purchase in favor of a competitor if they’re unable to find their desired item quickly, or the catalog fails to inspire. With Qubit Aura, you can help your visitors discover and buy more of the products they love through personalized product recommendations.

Targeted messaging needs to be delivered in a timely manner and at relevant points on the customer journey to have the most impact.

This is where “style quizzes” can be useful. Asking visitors questions about their preferred shoe style, or what occasion they’re shopping for, enables them to segment themselves without any intuition or interpretation required on the part of the marketer. This, in turn, can inform the tactics you should deploy going forward, for example personalized navigation or low-stock messaging.

Provide context to the purchase

Shopping is an emotional experience, and customers tend to rely on heuristics (mental shortcuts) to help them make purchase decisions. By utilizing social proof badging, such as labeling specific items as “trending”, or displaying how many times a product has been viewed in the past hour, you’re confirming the choice to buy through the validity of someone else’s action.

This can be used at multiple points in the customer journey, even if the customer has neglected their purchase. With abandonment emails, you can send messages to re-engage customers with products left in their carts whilst displaying real-time purchase or interaction counters on related products, for example, to create a sense of urgency.

Increasing your brand’s impact with Qubit for fashion

With Qubit for fashion, you can utilize personalization to transform your brand’s shopping experience. Anticipating the needs of your customers by understanding their browsing behavior and providing validation to their purchase will increase brand loyalty and conversion rates long-term.




Sophie Hibbert

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