Last week we made the most of the sunshine in London for our second customer meetup at Qubit HQ. 

The aim of the day was to provide an environment for our customers to share best practice, experience live demonstrations and get some in-person insight from the Qubit team. And of course, network around the BBQ!

So, what were the top highlights of the afternoon?



Qubit meetup

Real-life personalization inspiration from River Island

River Island’s Head of Customer Experience, Tim MacIvor, shared some insight into the fashion brand’s history and how it has evolved from a high-street chain to a multichannel retailer.

With over 30 years in the business, River Island are now tackling new retail challenges, which is why they’re focussing their efforts on personalization. Customers are becoming accustomed to more personal experiences and have high expectations: so interactions with their customers need to feel complete, and unique to the brand.

A segmentation masterclass with Qubit Strategist Jason

Jason started us off with defining a segment—a group of customers that fit a certain set of rules or criteria—then outlined the path to personalization. 

 He explored how brands go from starting with segmentation, through broadly segmented tactical experiences to refined, behaviorally driven segmented personalizations with practical customer examples from Halfords, Thomas Cook Holidays, and Ladbrokes at every stage.

How to Qubit: practical demos from Product Manager Roel

Roel continued with the segmentation theme, discussing the different types of data—behavioral, psychographic and business-related—that can be used to create segments and segmented experiences.

He then showed the audience a practical demo, creating three segments using different data types and including a Visitor Pulse survey.

Celebrating the great British summer

Then, everyone headed up to the rooftops for a drinks, BBQ and music.

Look out for the next meetups: we'll be running one in New York on the 10th July, and another in London in the Autumn.

And if you haven't had a chance to dive into our new research, download a copy now.

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