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The Qtalks initiative was launched a year ago as a way to give Qubytes a chance to hear about experiences beyond our own. Inspirational speakers, some of whom have overcome massive challenges in their lives, have shared their expertise, specialisms and incredible personal stories in the Qubit kitchen.

Our latest speaker in this series of conversations is Gareth Martin. Gareth is a transformational coach, storyteller, and co-host of the awesome 5-star rated Ridiculously Human Podcast. To get to where he is today, Gareth took an uncommon path: he held a longtime position as a banker, dabbled in bodybuilding and trained as both a yoga teacher and a chef.

In his podcast, Gareth shares stories from people from all walks of life, which can inspire others to write their own narratives. In his Qtalk, Gareth invited us to see and release the “human superpowers” we all have, and how we can use them to lead more fulfilling lives.


Gareth began by talking about the importance of communication: “Everything begins and ends with good, bad, or a lack of communication. Using intentional language can build a better world for ourselves. The language we use with each other can be interpreted differently by every single person.”

When discussing how intentional communication can be used to improve your working life, Gareth said, “You all have an influence in other lives. It doesn't matter where you are in a company, make sure that you say hello to your colleagues and treat everyone well. Use impactful language seriously. It's so easy to say ‘thanks, I really value what you did.’

“If you bring good energy to your meetings, you can change the vibe and outcome of those meetings because you're positive. And when you bring that sort of energy, it makes people curious and want to find out more.”


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Gareth spent a lot of his former working years daydreaming about why the world works how it does, specifically why the working week is split into five working days. He still doesn’t have an answer! But curiosity doesn’t feed on answers, it chews on questions.

He had some thoughts on how being curious can impact your life: “Ego stops us achieving so much and seek to be challenged in your internal offering. So many of us think one particular way and we think we're right. And it's not until someone else tells us the opposites, that we start growing.”

Successful businesses seek solutions to unmet needs. Employees and partners who sustain curiosity and are free to question, empower themselves and their organizations.


And the final human superpower? Caring for one another. “One of the most important things in the world is caring. It sounds a bit wishy-washy and has this stigma attached to it. Kindness is seen as a vulnerability. But actually, I see it as the complete opposite; We can remember the last time someone said or did nice things for us, that made us feel good.”

Gareth said that caring also needs to extend to our workplaces; “We need to shift our understanding. Our employees are the most important thing in our business because, if your employees are happy, your employees are valuable which really changes the outcome of your business.

“It's amazing how much we found out when we started taking interest in people. We've spoken to 90 people on the podcast now, but what we actually found out is that we don't know the people closest to us that well. We want to interview our dads, we want to talk to the friends we grew up with. I'm asking you more questions taking an interest in people who sit around us at the dinner table, you’ll find out fascinating things.”

Final Takeaway

“We all have amazing stories to share, even if we don't think we do. Everyone also has their responsibility in this ecosystem that we have as the human population. So be curious, but be an observer and be aware of what is going on around to communicate courageously and wisely.”

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