Qubit and ColourPop at the Glossy Awards

June 22, 2018 by Sophie Coleman

Last week, we were on stage with ColourPop—a fast-growing makeup brand with millions of fans across Instagram and Facebook. ColourPop won the Best Breakthrough Product Collaboration category for their innovative work with Qubit Aura.


How do ColourPop use Qubit Aura?

ColourPop use Aura to create a mobile experience for their customers that lives up to the high expectations set by the world of social. After all, ColourPop was born on Instagram,

ColourPoppers and ColourPoppettes are a mobile generation with new attitudes and behaviors when shopping online. They almost exclusively find brands through social, rather than traditional media or advertising, and mobile is their preferred channel for engaging with the brand.

Using Qubit Aura, ColourPop created a new way of shopping on the mobile web. With great design and the power of AI, ColourPop’s customers don’t need to use the hamburger or the search box to navigate. And, once they’ve started, no two customers have exactly the same experience.

Customers will see categories that are generated based upon their interests and browsing habits. And Qubit Aura learns as it gets more data from customers’ behavior, refining selections and promoting new products and categories.

The impact of mobile product discovery

Using Qubit Aura, ColourPop have seen 4.2% uplifts in revenue per visitor—delivering a big impact to the bottom line. Qubit Aura has helped ColourPop make their mobile site what it needs to be.

It’s great that this collaboration has been recognized at the Glossy awards.

Qubit ColourPop win at the Glossy Awards

To understand more about how Qubit Aura can have an impact in transforming and personalizing the mobile experience, download our research.







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