This week we hosted our first customer meetup in the US, at our New York City HQ.

Qubit founder Graham Cooke set the scene for the day, creating a great atmosphere to share ideas and best practice, then we leapt straight into the serious stuff with a roundup of the product roadmap.

The roadmap

Simon Jaffrey, Qubit’s Director of Product, reflected on 2017 and the year so far, before heading on to what to expect for the rest of 2018. The focus is on helping our customers get closer to their customers by automating personalization at scale with data and machine learning; and, scaling personalization through integrating Qubit across our customers’ tech stacks.


Strategy and inspiration

Then it was time  to dive into the ‘Path to Personalization’ with Professional Services Team Lead Alejandra. She started us off with defining a segment—a group of customers that fit a certain set of rules or criteria—then outlined the path to personalization.

She explored how brands progress from starting with segmentation, through broadly segmented tactical experiences (that is, targeting broader segments) to refined, behaviorally driven segmented personalizations. Practical examples from Qubit customers Juice beauty and Thomas Cook brought this to life at every stage.

How to Qubit

Finally, the morning finished off with Sergio, a Product Manager who lead the audience through a live demo featuring self-segmentation with Visitor Pulse surveys on mobile, and instant badging using social proof.

Thank you to all our customers for attending it was great to have you join us for the morning and we look forward to seeing you at our next MeetUp.



Emily Lewis

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