Qubit Pro: unlimited scale and capabilities for advanced personalization

March 8, 2019 by Alex Olivier

At Shoptalk in Las Vegas, Qubit announced the availability of a new product portfolio which serves to support brands at all the different levels on the path to personalization.

In this blog, we will showcase the use cases and benefits of Qubit Pro, the product that supercharges and transforms your existing personalization and customer experience investments across all channels.

What is Qubit Pro?

Qubit Pro serves brands at the most advanced stages of personalization, where the customer is the focus, regardless of channel, and where systems of record and systems of action are brought together by personalization. 

This is the product for those organizations with cross-functional teams and a management team mandate to use personalization as a way to deliver the brand’s strategy and vision, providing relevant customer experiences across every touchpoint, at massive scale. Therefore, the key performance indicators for Qubit Pro users center around customer lifecycle and loyalty metrics, rather than solely conversion and acquisition.

Qubit Pro goes beyond out-of-the-box personalization use cases, and enables cross-functional teams to build and deliver custom experiences tailored to their unique visitors, according to their unique objectives.  The product provides unlimited scale, unrivaled developer tools and a plethora of third-party integrations to ensure brands have the access, capability and autonomy to build whatever they need.

Why Qubit Pro?

Qubit Pro allows teams to build and develop personalizations which seamlessly integrate with existing technology investments and internal data sources. Businesses using the product can leverage APIs to deliver personalizations any channel and customer touchpoint.  

The product does this by collecting, synthesizing and analyzing customer and product data in real-time to execute experiences no matter your requirements, category, customer profile or channel.  Experiences are built on Qubit’s primitives, that customers can use in any combination or complexity, and delivered in real-time.

Typically, a team using Qubit Pro will work across the technology stack with the mission of solving specific customer problems. If an organization has a single customer view program or a sophisticated segmentation strategy they are likely to get huge value.

The Ideal Scenario

The brands who deliver the most success with Qubit Pro typically have a few things in common:

  • Personalization, and the customer experience, has executive support  

  • More than one team has accountability for the strategy – with key roles including technology/IT, marketing, digital, CRM and retention teams

  • There is a fully-formed customer segmentation strategy or a single-customer view that Qubit Pro can activate

  • And, whilst not a requirement, if you already have a warehousing / data science team you can enhance their abilities with Qubit’s real-time data and serving to generate customer insights for personalization

It’s important to state that brands don’t necessarily need to tick all these boxes to get value from Qubit Pro.

To find out more about Qubit Pro – click here.

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