Qubit Start for Peaks launches for holiday trading period

October 8, 2019 by Sergio Iacobucci

Leading brands utilize proven personalization tactics during the crucial retail period

With Black Friday and the holiday shopping period fast approaching, retailers need to find ways to capitalize on the increased traffic online. Whether you are a brand using Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a compelling event to run offers or not, there is no doubt that the period represents huge trading potential. Customers are likely to spend 140% more after a positive experience than customers who report negative ones, so providing a first-class customer journey is imperative for success during this time.

As a result, we’ve launched Qubit Start for Peaks, a solution designed specifically for retailers looking to take advantage of the holiday trading period. Based on Qubit’s unrivaled experience in retail the solution brings together powerful tactics from social proof, product recommendations and urgency messaging and can be implemented in just a few weeks.

Retailers already using the tactics in the solution include River Island, Etam, Frederick’s of Hollywood and Manor AG. They have been enabled with personalization through Qubit and are delivering relevant context to each and every visitor online, whether they are new visitors or returning loyal customers.

Fast implementation, quick time to value

“Santa shops here!” – affirm your customer’s decision to purchase with gift signposting

With potentially thousands of products in your catalog, giving visitors guidance about what’s popular can really help inform someone what they should buy. This is particularly the case with visitors who are looking at gifts, and maybe not familiar with your brand. In these instances, retailers should add badging or signposting with social proof messaging offering assurances of the most popular, or trending, products. Even powerful examples, included in Start for Peaks, enable brands to show a carousel of trending products to inspire customers even further.

Case study: River Island

River Island, recognizing its effectiveness in fast-fashion retail, launched social proof experiences with Qubit. The team deployed “trending” badging on the product detail page, letting their visitors know that this item was popular and confirming their decision to buy.

River Island deployed urgency tactics combined with social proof on the product description page (PDP), highlighting how the number of products that had been bought in the last 48 hours with appropriate badging. This proved to be incredibly effective for the fashion retailer, as they saw a 6.2% increase in RPV, and the ecommerce team is now exploring segmentation to make it more relevant to their customers.



“As a retailer, it’s not just about shipping products, it’s about building relevant relationships with each person no matter the channel.”

Tim MacIvor, Head of Customer Experience at River Island

The gift that keeps giving – recommend the right items to inspire your customers

When customers are feeling more generous (whether that be for themselves or others) during the festive season, they’ll be looking to purchase more – especially when brands have great deals on. By recommending relevant items to visitors in real-time, you can increase your average order value significantly. Capitalize on impulse buyers by suggesting trending add-ons at the basket or checkout stage.

Case study: Etam

Etam utilized product recommendations by surfacing stock pointers that are the most relevant to specific customer cohorts using segmentation. Combining the experience with social proof and segmentation meant that the fashion retailer saw a 3x uplift in RPV.


“By combining…techniques like social proof and product recommendations we were able to get even more incremental revenue and influence our customers at scale.”

Jonathan Attali, Director of Ecommerce & Innovation at Etam

The countdown to Christmas – add urgency to avoid customer disappointment

Whether your customers are organized gift-givers or last-minute shoppers, you can cut down conversion time and reduce bounce rates with urgency tactics.

Notifying customers of the guaranteed delivery dates across your markets is very important. This transparency helps increase trust and reduce the frustration that comes from missing these dates. By deploying a countdown timer, you can create a sense of urgency in your last-minute shoppers!

Case study: Manor AG

Letting customers know that a product is low-in-stock is a great way of ensuring that a customer doesn’t miss out; Manor deployed a low stock pointer on the product description page. This proved particularly effective for Manor AG customers, as the ecommerce team saw a 9.34% uplift in RPV with this tactic.


“Our customers want a relevant experience with our brand every time they visit our site. With Qubit Start we’ve been able to prove the value that personalization can bring to the business and to visitors” 

Samuel Duthoit, Web design & UI lead at Manor AG


With a quick implementation time and little to no effort to run, Qubit Start for peaks ensures that you can be up and running with these effective use-cases before Black Friday. As 73% of consumers say a good experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties, customers that have a good experience are far more likely to come back to make the 2nd purchase. We know, using Qubit data, that this is worth millions of dollars as an opportunity.

If you’d like to find out more and understand pricing, download our fact sheet here.


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