Last Thursday we celebrated Qubit UK’s Summer Garden Party - which was until the day, the best kept secret of the year. With only a few clues sent out to the team in the lead up to the party, there was a lot of speculation of what we could expect.

With that said, I can truly say (and I think it would also be the case for many) that the day was one to remember. While the UK had experienced unprecedented dry weather with temperatures soaring to over 30 degrees in the run up to the event, it was typical that on the day it rained and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. But this didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit.

As the morning in the office drew to a close, and 1pm itched closer, there was an array of glittery and floral shirts on display before the team made their way to the venue.

Arrival and a (soggy) BBQ

It was only once Qubytes arrived that, the agenda for the day was disclosed. The grounds of the Grange Hall Hotel had been transformed in to an enchanted, luscious green space, laced with flowers. It was hard to imagine we were in the heart of London, in the shadow of the British Museum.

Everyone also received what turned out to be a crucial part to the day: a coloured wristband. There were 12 different colours with and 6 of each colour - so, what could these possibly mean?

The Secret Garden Party

Qubit’s CEO and Founder, Graham Cooke, took to the mic to welcome the team, announced lunch (fortunately under cover), and set the scene for the rest of the afternoon. Our resident DJ, Tom Jessel, then worked his magic on the decks.

2018 Qubit petanque championships

With everyone sufficiently full, Qubit’s CLO’s (Chief Lifestyle Officers) explained the meaning behind the wristbands [drum roll]: get in your teams. This meant the Qubit Petanque Championships were about to kick-off and despite the light downpour, every team participated with great energy and determination, but as always, there could only be one winner.

Petanque match

Coming out victorious were team ‘Allez Les Blue’ who were proudly crowned the winners. Captain and Qubit's Communications Manager, George Barker, said: “Whilst many Qubytes are fiercely competitive, many simply lost their heads on an afternoon where the weather was clearly affecting them.”

He added: “It was never in question that our team, Allez Les Blues, would put the pressure of the crowd aside, take a deep breath and throw with expert precision, tactical genius and with such aplomb that other teams just couldn’t compete. We’re looking forward to retaining our title next time around.”

Winners - Allez les Blue
Santino Boffa, captain of the runners-up team, ‘Pink Death Angels’, said: "I think it's clear for all to see that the best team on the day was robbed in the final and we will consider raising an appeal to the International Federation of Petanque Professionals to be recognised as the rightful winners. "

The Director of People Operations, added: "In all seriousness, this was a great day of team bonding and coming together as a company to celebrate our successes over the past few months and looking forward to what promises to be an exciting second half of 2018. The energy and passion of every Qubyte is clear to see and really shows what a special group of people we have."

Getting out of the office

As a whole, not only was the party an enjoyable event, it also allowed everyone to get out of the office for an afternoon. We were able to recharge, reflect, and get together with people from all departments, including ones that we may not necessarily interact with on a daily basis. 

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