A global gathering

Early on the 29th January, Qubytes from across the globe battled flight delays, subzero temperatures and even a disruptive sprinkling of snow to get to Oxford for Qubit’s annual conference.

It was the product of tireless teamwork across many months and the most important event of the company calendar; it provided a rare chance for the entire company to come together to socialize, learn of exciting developments at Qubit and discuss our aspirations for the year ahead.

Luckily, the adverse weather didn’t deter anyone, as there was a level of energy and motivation at the Randolph Hotel that set the tone for our next two days in the iconic university town!

Arrival and team building activities

After we had a chance to warm up, settle in and get to know each other over a much-needed coffee & croissant, everyone was divided into groups, or “houses”, and sent off to the Museum of Natural History to rehearse and choreograph individual house shouts.



Needless to say, it wasn’t long before people’s competitive spirits shone through and pieces really came together. After a few hours of intensive prep and more than our fair share of strained vocal chords, it was time to head back to the hotel and rest up ahead of another productive day in Oxford.

Our focus for 2019

Thursday meant business as we all came together to hear Qubit’s mission for the year and soak up the knowledge of experts. With the idyllic backdrop of Merton College in the snow, Qubit’s CEO and Founder, Graham Cooke took to the mic to welcome the team and discuss the day’s itinerary in the T.S. Eliot lecture theatre.

After some in-depth talks from Qubytes on their chosen fields, we were fortunate enough to have a panel with industry leaders Gabrielle Hase, Bhav Patel & Mark Leach, who discussed both the challenges and potential growth opportunities for the industry in the coming year. When speaking of personalization, Mark made an interesting analogy that touches on Qubit’s pledge to be more focused in their approach:

“If you go out for a meal, the waiter won’t ask your brand preference on cutlery. When it comes to water, it’ll merely be a case of still or sparkling. However, when it comes to the wine, that’s where the waiter needs an understanding of your preferences, and that’s where personalization comes in. There’s no point in personalizing an experience that no one cares about”

The final talk of the afternoon was a Q&A session with Rusty Warner of Forrester research. In this, we were able to get an expert's perspective on the state of the market, where he sees the industry going in the future and what brands are going to need to do in order to remain leaders in the sector.



Winners (and some sore losers!)

The evening’s activities began with the performance of the house shouts. Despite the loud jeers and boos from competitors, each house performed valiantly and threw their all into it. Some even went above and beyond their chosen song with monologues, chants, dance-offs and even the odd backflip!

However, there could only be one winner - House Khan with their rendition of "this is how we Qubit!" Elli Lawson and Johnny Treasure from the victorious house both said, "We were humbled by the win, it was only made possible by the elevated standard of the competition. Drinking from our victory bottles ever since has felt good..."

After some time was taken to mend bruised egos, dinner was then served at the impressive Ashmolean Museum, where the year’s Qubies (Qubit Awards) were announced. The winners were as follows:

Unsung hero award: George Barker

Engineering impact award: Alex Olivier

Team player of the year award: Jonatan Ramirez

Qubit culture award: Robyn Savage

Customer champion award: Carly Pietrobono

Qubit choice award: Moradeyo Ade-John

Salesperson of the year award: Philippe Peyresaubes

Founder’s mentality award: Robin Trickett




Overall, it was a great chance for Qubytes across all departments, offices, and locations to collaborate on projects, gain an in-depth perspective on what is happening at Qubit over the next year and, of course, have some fun!

Since returning from our winter conference, Qubit is now preparing for Shoptalk in Las Vegas on 3rd to 6th March 2019, where our very own Chief Technical Officer, Emre Baran, will be making some exciting announcements. Click here to get the lowdown on what’ll be happening at the Venetian.

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Sophie Hibbert

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