Three tips for mobile commerce from Netflix

July 26, 2018 by Simon Dean

Welcome to this, the second of our mobile showcase series! (You can see blog 1 here.) This time it’s Rob who’s going to look at Netflix.

Fun fact: Netflix have just 90 seconds to grab your attention before the majority of people head to another service. Here’s what they do to grab your attention:


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Seen enough? Visit Qubit Aura here.

Key takeouts from the video

#1 Netflix are personal right from the get go

The first thing you do is pick a few shows you like—this forms the foundation for their personalization efforts going forward.

#2 Netflix has a purpose built UI

Shows are organized in rows that you can scroll both down and across.

#3 Netflix features evidence selection

To give you confidence in your decision making, most shows say, “91% match” or “because you watched Breaking Bad”

How to take action

Consider consumers’ hunt for products via mobile ecommerce in comparison with ease of browsing on Netflix—most sites leave the user to endure a sequence of clicks and page loads before they get close to a product they like.

For the longest time, businesses have assumed that ‘checking out’ on mobile is a pain point that can’t bridged. But as we found in this Qubit research, consumers find issues surrounding product discovery are more pressing barriers to mobile ecommerce.

And mobile shouldn’t be swept under the rug—the same research found that 19% of purchases made on desktop are influenced by mobile. Take out: Don’t underestimate the value of the mobile experience to prime purchases across other channels or further down the conversion funnel.

Introducing Qubit Aura

If you read my earlier blog, you have seen that Aura uses AI to re-stream your mobile site into an easy-to-use interface. Another cool Netflix-style feature Aura uses is evidence selection. Next to most of the products in the Aura feed, you’ll see “based on recently viewed”. In some cases we’ll also say, “Popular right now”, giving consumers clarity on why they’re being shown a product and creating urgency.

To see Qubit Aura in action, here’s a great case study with Wolf and Badger.

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