Ecommerce inspiration from Netflix

Recently, we asked Qubit CEO Graham Cooke to explain how customer context, AI scale, and personalization techniques can supercharge customer experiences.

In this video, he explores how brands like Netflix are shifting the paradigm of ecommerce: taking us away from the world of websites as online catalogs and into a world of customer context and relevance.

Relevance = customer retention

Netflix needs to understand their customers’ context - their activities, interests, and preferences. Without this, customers will unsubscribe.

Personalization is how Netflix tailor their content to match each individual customer’s context. But they don’t stop there. They demonstrate their understanding, telling audiences what they’ve done: providing reasons why a visitor would want to watch that content.

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Translating the lessons of Netflix into ecommerce

For Netflix, continued subscription usage is the goal. The analogous situation in ecommerce uses repeat purchase rate as the key metric.

Personalization encourages return visits and repeats purchases. It is about using customer context and insights to create tailored experiences that resonate with consumers.

And the techniques Netflix uses so elegantly - content ranking to promote the most relevant things for each visitor, and evidence selection to show customers why those things are being promoted - are within reach for ecommerce brands, whatever their level of sophistication.

Download our research, Merchandising in the digital age, to understand how you can use AI to supercharge personalized experiences with content ranking and evidence selection.



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