In June 2017 we released the culmination of 4 years research into what works when it comes to optimization and personalization treatments. The story of this research is the story of website optimization itself  how it has evolved over time, from UX and cosmetic changes, to conversion rate optimization (CRO), and in 2017 toward persuasive personalization at scale. 

Mark Rittman, who works with Qubit as Product Manager for Data and Analytics, is someone who has witnessed this evolution first-hand. An ex-CTO with over 20 years experience, he is also a published author and speaker. His podcast, Drill to Detail, explores the world of business intelligence, analytics and big data. A few weeks ago, Mark took the opportunity to interview the data scientists behind the meta-analysis of 6,700 ecommerce experiments (assured by PwC), Mike Swarbrick Jones and Will Browne.

Podcast: episode 32

About the episode:

Mark is joined by Qubit colleagues, Will Browne and Mike Swarbrick Jones, to discuss their research on conversion optimisation techniques in the ecommerce industry. Using analytics and statistical analysis on 20 billion user journeys they compare techniques using data and machine learning to those based on traditional sales techniques to see whether data trumps emotion... or both have their place.

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