Qubit has a lot to be proud of in 2018; In the first research of its kind, we were named a leader for personalization in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. We also announced our range of tailored solutions to industry-specific challenges in six verticals: fashion, beauty and cosmetics, luxury, travel and tourism, airlines & online betting.

Over the year, Qubit collaborated closely with beauty brand L’OCCITANE to emulate their renowned in-store experience online through 1:1 mobile personalization with Qubit and effective self-segmentation via visitor pulse surveys.

For entertainment retailer CeX, an agnostic “back-in-stock” feature, that can be triggered on both mobile and desktop within 90 days of a customer’s first visit, was developed with Qubit to combat the specific challenges faced by CeX as both a second-hand buyer and seller.

With Boux Avenue, Qubit was able to create templates for “simple messaging” which allows marketing teams to create and adapt targeted messages in small turnaround periods. This, along with social proof, allowed the lingerie brand to overcome common personalization issues faced in fashion retail.

In 2018, we utilized personalization methods to produce solutions within the travel industry with leisure giant Thomas Cook Holidays. Using Qubit, Thomas Cook was able to increase conversion rates by 6% with “sticky” product recommendations that appear in the banner in the footer of the screen.

As we start to look to the opportunities 2019 will bring, we look back on Qubit’s 2018 in numbers:


We saw a $10bn increase in revenue influence from the previous 2017!


In comparison to 2017, we collected 75bn more data points in order to improve the customer journey from start to finish.


We saw the amount of visitors taking part in surveys double in 2018.


Through our customers, we were able to deliver over 60 billion experiences in 2018, a 75% rise from 2017.


Qubit managed to double the amount of segmented users in 2018!


All in all, 2018 was a great year for Qubit. In 2019, we will continue to deliver great solutions for our customers’ personalization needs.

Finally, thank you to all our customers for making this possible!

Our CTO Emre Baran will also be making some exciting announcements at this year’s Shoptalk on 3rd to 6th March - find out more about what will be happening at the Venetian, Las Vegas.




Sophie Hibbert

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