We’re on a mission to help the world’s leading retail, travel and gaming brands thrive as their customers dramatically move online. We’re always looking for great engineers, data scientists and product innovators.

If you love helping clients to transform their business through technology, then take a look at our sales, customer success and professional services roles. Is marketing in your DNA? Do you love people operations? Don’t hesitate to apply. At Qubit, every role makes a big impact on the business, so bookmark this page because it won’t just be your next job.
This will be a major step in your career.

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Are you an engineer?

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What does Qubit do?

We’re building the technology that helps retailers understand their customers and give each person a unique experience.

We collect hundreds of millions of data points from our client's websites and pipe them through our realtime data processing pipeline. We then surface the data in our products for our users to explore and act upon by serving back tens of millions of personalizations to enhance the sites.

What would I do at Qubit?

  • Product Engineer
  • Platform Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Data Scientist

Product Engineer

Product Engineer

As a member of our Product Engineering team your mission is simple: To use whatever technology is best for the task in order to ship great products for our customers. You will be given the freedom and autonomy to solve a diverse range of problems while also being able to influence the direction of what we build. Simply put, we love writing good code that delivers value to the business and our customers.

In this role you will have a wide range of responsibilities, from writing JavaScript that runs in hundreds of millions of browsers every day, to building massively-scalable microservice systems using NodeJS and Golang. You’ll get to work closely with product managers and designers to bring ideas to life through code. At the moment we enjoy doing this using a wide range of technologies such as React, GraphQL, NodeJS, Golang, Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes.

Platform Engineer

Platform Engineer

Million events in a minute. Billions of events in a day. Petabytes of data. Latency of milliseconds. That’s platform engineering at Qubit. We are responsible for systems that can ingest and process thousands of events per second. We design and build robust and highly scalable pipelines and services. We are constantly improving performance by removing bottlenecks, redesigning systems, experimenting with different tools. We love working with other teams to help them design and build scalable systems.

We use a wide spectrum of technologies and frameworks. Our data pipelines are built using Java, Apache Beam, Apache Avro, Protobuf, Grpc. Core services are built using Go deployed on Kubernetes in Google Cloud. Apache Spark on Google Cloud Dataproc is used to power some of our machine learning systems. Our mantra is to use the right tool for the right problem.

Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer

At Qubit, the infrastructure of the future is a reality now. We run Kubernetes in production across multiple clouds, with distributed tracing, logging and metrics. Developers are given responsibility for their own work and are empowered to deploy without our intervention. If you are interested in real-world automation, performance tuning/troubleshooting and ever wondered what it takes to get that demo off a laptop and into production, Qubit is the place.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

We’re looking for a Data Scientist to join our Research team, to help us develop intelligent products around this data, and conduct cutting-edge research into consumer behaviour on the web.

This is a great opportunity to conduct real R&D around human behaviour. Our data collection tools store more than 1 billion data points every day. Overall, Qubit technology tracks consumer journeys leading to billions of pounds of online spending worldwide every year, for some of the largest names in online retail.

We’re looking for someone smart and motivated, with experience solving real data analysis problems with statistical and machine learning techniques. As part of our research team you’ll help to understand our ever growing dataset, working closely with other parts of the business to ensure our products are ahead of the competition.

We love Open Source.

Yes, we try and open source some of our stuff. We hope you’ll join us to help us ship more of this. Here are some recent projects we are proud of:

star306 stars 2 Contributors


A very small, fast, dependency free url parser and formatter for nodejs and the web

star166 stars 8 Contributors

Exporter Exporter

A simple reverse proxy for prometheus exporters

star4 Stars Our latest open-source project!


Automation built on Argo, and the Github API, to provide CI/CD workflows.

Current Openings


We believe firmly in promoting diversity at Qubit. This encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, background, sexual preference and more.

It’s not rocket science. A diverse workplace means better outcomes; for Qubytes, for our customers and for our business as a whole. We’re proud of our workplace demographics, but like most companies the tech world, we know we still have work to do.

Perks and benefits.

  • Yearly bonus opportunities
  • 25 days annual leave
  • Top health care and dental plans
  • Learning and training opportunities
  • Pledge 1% scheme
  • Internal hackathons

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