Away resorts providing personalized 1:1 experiences at scale using Qubit

Holiday park operator brings the offline experience online with personalization.


Founded in 2008


Qubit customer since 2018


6 Award-winning UK parks


Founded on a lifetime of knowledge and a passion for holiday parks, Away Resorts, the UK holiday park operator, prioritizes the customer experience above all else, as encapsulated with the brands’ vision statement of “Nothing is too much trouble.” The team has been working with Qubit since 2018 to deliver timely and relevant experiences to each and every customer ensuring they are living their brand vision with each and every interaction.


Using data to understand their visitors, the Away Resorts team deployed a number of experiences, including; moving previous bookers from first to second purchase using personalized URLs in print, providing context to bookings with social proof and displaying homepage banners to ensure that visitors didn’t miss out on a great deal.

Seamless 1:1 personalization across print and digital

The print channel is still and will remain, a key activity for Away Resorts, sending 1000s of customers holiday catalogs each year. To combine this strategy with its website, the team created unique URLs for every customer and printed it in their catalog. 

The unique URL was associated with the name of the customer, and therefore, if the customer used the URL, Away Resorts were able to tailor offers to that individual on a unique landing page.



7.2% of visitors who entered the site via a personalized URL went on to make a booking 

"The ability to tailor messaging and content to each visitor is such an important part of our brand strategy. Through the use of Qubit we’ve been able to differentiate the experience our valued customers have with product recommendations, social proof and scalable content placements and many more."

Jamie Griffin

Digital Marketing Manager

Using social proof for ancillary sales

Ancillary sales in travel are key so, in order to increase revenue per visitor, Away Resorts used social proof. Social proof is a proven strategy in giving holidaymakers the confidence to add ancillaries, so the team badged products with “# people have booked this extra in the last 72 hours”.

In addition to the messaging, Qubit enabled Away Resorts to re-order extras within the page layout, depending on what was most popular in a customer’s location.

1% uplift in RPV 

"Away Resorts is an ambitious travel brand, who put customer centricity at the center of its strategy. In order to curate experiences at scale, we require the technology and the team of Qubit to ensure each and every interaction with us, in print and online, is one that increases customer lifetime value and loyalty."

Laura Miller

Head of Sales and Marketing

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