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Betfair tips customer experience to win gamer loyalty and retention

World’s largest internet betting exchange uses the power of positive reinforcement, surfacing winners from historic bets with live odds to customers

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Whilst the collection and analysis of data was already a core part of the company strategy, the Qubit platform has allowed Betfair to harness existing customer data, actioning insights across millions of customer interactions, every day. In a crowded market, intelligent personalisations based on a deep understanding of customer data and behaviours sets them apart, driving customer wallet share and increasing player days onsite.


My winners

Reliving past wins invokes positive reinforcement for many customers placing new bets. Betfair had all the data on customers past wins, but this valuable information was not being used to it’s full potential. Betfair wanted to surface past wins on the site at opportune moments. With this emotional trigger, customers were more likely to stay active and more importantly, stay loyal to Betfair.

"Betfair is continually looking to improve the customer experience, pushing the boundaries of how we use customer data. With Qubit, we’ve deployed the ‘My Winners’ experience, a tailored personalisation based on previous betting history - it's the first of its kind in our industry.”

Liam Barbour

Head of Product Management, Sportsbook

The experience

Using individual betting histories, Betfair’s data science team were able to ingest each user’s past wins and the details behind these, such as horse, jockey and race. Qubit Visitor Cloud was then able to identify users, reference their history and securely request the live odds from Betfair’s Sportsbook API via a server side integration. For security and efficiency reasons this wouldn’t have been possible from a client-side application, the Qubit technical integration with Betfair’s infrastructure made it scalable without the possibility of a data-breach.

The results

Combining these data sources meant that the user could then be alerted to show when their lucky horse was running again with its current odds, prompting them to place a new bet on their previous winner. This generated a 21% increase in new bets on their previous winners.

"Customers go through an emotional rollercoaster when backing horses. Watching the horse run, and then win, creates a connection to that horse which we wanted to harness, and at the same time create loyalty to the Betfair brand. Utilizing our historical gaming history and the Qubit Visitor Cloud to identify users on site, we served the most relevant and timely information which has increased our customer engagement." 

Ashley Garland,

Sportsbook Product Manager

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