BiGDUG uses Qubit technology to power personalization across the customer journey.

UK’s leading provider of storage solutions creates relevant experiences using Qubit to drive incremental revenue.


Founded in 2004


Qubit customer since 2014


UK’s #1 provider of storage solutions


BiGDUG, the #1 provider of storage solutions in the UK, has been using personalization technology from Qubit since 2014. This has enabled the company in the creation of relevant customer touchpoints throughout the purchase journey in order to increase conversion and drive revenue.

With product recommendations, social proof, personalized content and more, the BiGDUG team is armed with the strategies and best practices to curate experiences that resonate whether an individual is hitting the website for the first time, or is a loyal BiGDUG customer.

Product recommendations on the PDP

Product recommendations are the most proven personalization strategy used by ecommerce brands - it enables the ranking of products to help visitors discover more relevant products across the catalog. With 1000s of SKUs, BiGDUG has used product recommendations in multiple areas of their site to increase conversion rates and revenue per visitor.


4.58% uplift in RPV

"We look for two key things in the partner we work with, deep strategic expertise and a world-class technology - Qubit has the combination of both. We can build best-practice roadmaps which is then backed up by a technology that can scale to millions - it makes even the most far-reaching ideas a reality."

Steve Wighton

Ecommerce Manager

Social proof - category drop-down best sellers.

Social proof is a highly effective strategy to help customers navigate what can be a huge product catalog. By surfacing ‘Best Sellers’ in prominent, high-traffic areas of the site, the BiGDUG team could generate more interest in their most popular items. In this example, Best Sellers have been deployed in the dropdown navigation.


3.9% uplift in RPV


Welcome message for new visitors.

In order for new visitors to adapt to and understand the BiGDUG website further, the team deployed welcome messaging to encourage browsers to immediately familiarise themselves with offers and price match guarantees.

When a new user lands on the site, the banner is fired at the bottom of the page and details BiGDUG’s unique differentiators.


3.42% uplift in RPV

"Relevancy is key to the success of an ecommerce strategy if you're not able to deliver relevant products and offers to onsite customers you're going to fail. Qubit enables us to deliver that relevance to each and every visitor, helping us drive loyalty beyond just the first purchase."

Steve Wighton

Ecommerce Manager

Personalized content homepage banner.

Personalized content is the ability for ecommerce teams to change and alter quickly, key areas of a website without having to rely on development teams to build experiences each time.

By highlighting the homepage banner as an area to merchandise and that would change often, BiGDUG created a Personalized Content block so that the merchandising team could swap and change messaging fast!

"Product recommendations and social proof are the starting strategies for personalization. We're looking forward to working with Qubit on more advanced combinations of tactics so we can continually improve the onsite experience for our visitors."

Steve Wighton

Ecommerce Manager

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