Scaling multi-channel personalization with Qubit

Boux Avenue deploying Simple Messages and social proof


50% yoy growth of online sales


50+ countries served


10x simple messages in under 10mins



Boux Avenue has quickly become a leading lingerie, swimwear, and nightwear company online, on mobile, and in store across the UK. The company has grown rapidly, establishing a partnership with Qubit in October 2015 to create customer experiences which will resonate with onsite visitors to increase engagement and conversions for the business.

One of the biggest challenges faced by Boux Avenue is the ability to quickly deploy personalizations in a flexible and efficient manner, displaying different content at once to different segments of users. The company have been using Qubit’s Simple Messages feature to ensure that teams can work reliably and quickly when time conditions are pressing.

The company have also been using social proof to influence visitors’ behaviors, create a sense of urgency, and validate a visitor’s choice of product.

"Scaling our personalization strategy is absolutely key to keeping up with the pace of our business growth. Being able to quickly and simply change messaging on site to fit the geography or segment, without having to be an expert in JavaScript means we don't have to rely on valuable developer resource."

Rosie Pearsall

Head of International eCommerce

Increasing multi-channel marketer responsiveness

Boux Avenue were confronted with a challenge that most ecommerce departments face: the limitations the CMS places upon them when it comes to developing personalizations quickly, scalably and efficiently, without the need for developer time and resource.

Simple Messages empowers the Boux Avenue marketing team to create and change targeted messages to specific segments whenever they want.

Firstly, a developer creates a pre-defined template for the team to use based on an agreed brief. The template is designed and coded for all devices, but built mobile-first. Once built, the template can be used, and reused by the marketing team using the simple set-up workflow - customizing each time with different messages for the various audiences they want to target.

For example, the team wanted to deploy a promotion on site to give customers 20% for Mother’s Day. If required, they could change the language, spelling and currency (if applicable) depending on where a customer was visiting the site from.

"Simple Messages is a solution where we've been able to deploy 10 segmented messages across the site in under 10 minutes."

Rosie Pearsall

Head of International eCommerce

Selling fast social proof

Social proof has been proven to increase urgency and conversion by using data for products that are trending. Building confidence about what other customers are looking at, or purchasing, is an effective mechanism Boux Avenue had the opportunity to use.

Boux Avenue used social proof to highlight the popularity of a particular product. For example, messaging on the product display page reading ‘Selling fast - 20 bagged in the last 3 days!’.

The experience was surfaced across all devices when a customer added to bag.

"As a business we have big ambitions, the growth of our ecommerce arm is seen as a core component to realising our success. Creating experiences for our visitors with a trusted platform means we can deploy personalizations throughout the user journey. Qubit social proof is an experience we knew would work with our customers, and we're thrilled that the initial results of 3.7% RPV uplift is testament to that."

Rosie Pearsall

Head of International eCommerce

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