Why the leading online pharmacy is scaling personalization efforts

Chemist Direct exceeding expectations with a focus on customer centricity


Founded in 2007


1M Customers


10,000+ products


Chemist Direct is the largest online pharmacy in the UK, serving hundreds of thousands of customers each year. The company has been working with Qubit since 2015 to understand their customer base, and create experiences based on their preference and behavioral data to increase brand loyalty and conversion.

Health and beauty sales online are set to increase exponentially as consumers become much more familiar with the idea of buying everything online. Chemist Direct prides itself on making it as simple as possible for visitors to easily and efficiently find the products they are looking for, as well as providing detailed product information.

Using the Qubit platform, the company has been able to simplify the customer journey and create experiences to inform their visitors and keep them coming back.

Purchase journey confidence

A key challenge for Chemist Direct was educating each visitor and giving them a clear understanding of the product they were purchasing.

Using Qubit, Chemist Direct was able to surface messaging that provided clear and obvious product information to interested shoppers, making sure the potential customer felt confident when adding to cart and their expectations were met.

This resulted in a reduction in the number of clicks it takes customers to find and buy the right products and a 5.2% RPV uplift.

"Personalization is key to build loyalty and reduce wasted efforts. Customers are buying products online and the challenge is making sure the experience you’re delivering is relevant when they have thousands of products to choose from, that’s where Qubit come in."

Maya Moufarek

Chief Marketing Officer

Social proofing product information

When purchasing pharmaceuticals, customers can often feel more conscious that they aren’t purchasing the correct product. The challenge was to give confidence to the visitor browsing.

The solution was that if a visitor highlighted the title of the product, they would be able to see information about why they should buy from Chemist Direct including information about the Chemist Direct price promise.

The visitor also saw social proof messaging from TrustPilot, the third-party consumer review website, rating the product. This resulted in a 4.5% RPV uplift.

"Using the Qubit platform makes it easy for us to deliver on our visitor targeting strategies. It's quick, easy and scalable in experience deployment. Qubit has become an essential platform for the Chemist Direct ecommerce team."

Chris Wood

Digital Merchandising & Customer Experience Manager

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