Replenishment is a key opportunity for personalized shopping journeys leveraging customer data to build seamless experiences


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With 10,000 products on site, personalization is a core component of ChemistDirect’s business strategy. As a pure-play pharmacy, they’ve quickly become famous for delivering the best customer experiences on the market. For the ChemistDirect team, customer- centricity, and building journeys to make discovering and purchasing products seamless isn’t just an aspiration, but something they’re actually delivering.

The teams at ChemistDirect and Qubit work closely together to continually look at trends in the customer data and build personalizations that increase retention, conversion, loyalty and ultimately revenues. Thanks to the personalization program, the company can attribute significant contributions to the bottom line of the business.

"We've been able to consistently deliver industry-first visitor experiences. As we grow, it's essential that we have a scalable technology enabling us to understand and influence our customers. 1:1 personalization seems a long way off for most, but with Qubit we're able to do it."

Maya Moufarek

Chief Marketing Officer

Delivering 1:1 personalization with replenishment


A large proportion of ChemistDirect’s customers are repeat purchasers. The team wanted to focus on these repeat shoppers who represent a significant volume of traffic, and total revenue.

ChemistDirect knew from Segment metrics within the Qubit platform that these repeat purchasers have double the conversion rates of a normal customer and higher average order values (AOV).

The team wanted to create an experience that targeted these customers, making the repeat purchase as seamless as possible.

"This is just the latest example of how we're thinking about the customer journey. It looks simple, but underneath the hood, it's incredibly complex and something we rely on the Qubit technology to deliver. If we can make the journey as seamless people will always come back to ChemistDirect."

Chris Wood

Digital Merchandising & Customer Experience Manager


The team used datasets to ingest the number of replenishment days per product. Using Live Tap, they could build a query to predict when someone’s supply would run out. This data was then ingested back into datasets to power the experience.

When a customer returns to the site, a notification appears that shows a slider with how many days are left until their products ran out - or if they already had. This was possible for multiple products, with messaging like ‘3 days left’ or ‘You have run out of this product’.


30% of customers have opened the widget and 5% of customers use it to add products directly to their shopping baskets.


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