Bringing an app-like experience to the mobile web with Qubit Aura

ColourPop using artificial intelligence to transform shopping experience on mobile


Founded in 2014


5.1M Instagram followers


1.5M Facebook likes


ColourPop is a new Los Angeles-based cosmetics company that has seen phenomenal growth. In a fast-paced industry with always changing trends it's imperative that the company has technology that can scale to their requirements.

With many of their customers discovering new products on social media websites like Instagram and YouTube, coupled with many almost exclusively shopping on mobile, it was essential to create an experience that brought the best of the social media experience to mobile web - so the company deployed Qubit Aura.

"The biggest thing about mobile shopping right now is if you don’t know what you’re looking for, discovering it is really difficult. If you’re new to the brand, what does the experience need to be in order for you figure out what you want from the site?"

Nate Dierks

Director of Technology


With more than 5.1 million followers on Instagram, ColourPop recognized that the mobile web was a very important channel to get right. On the launch of new products traffic to the mobile website can be huge so making sure that visitors can discover the product catalog in a simple and familiar way was vital.


ColourPop implemented Qubit Aura, so that visitors to the mobile website would see the Qubit Aura icon. Once visitors tapped the icon, they see a new experience - a layer which sits on top of the site and shows a discovery feed of products - already different for new visitors and those who had launched Qubit Aura before

Within the discovery experience, Qubit’s artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms react in real-time to re-prioritize the products based on the intent signals each visitor gives. Within a couple of interactions - within a session - each visitor will see a totally different selection of categories and products.


“Brands probably won’t be building out new apps anytime soon. There’s still a lot that can be done via mobile web which doesn’t require the significant upfront and continued investment in an app. But if you can experience a brand through other apps like Instagram or YouTube, then go and shop via an experience which emulates that app-like journey to show you what people like you are shopping, then why not take that approach-it seems to work.”

Nate Dierks
Director of Technology

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