UK’s biggest gardening site grows from CRO to personalization complete replatform with full support from Qubit


Launched in 2000


25 Chelsea Flower Show gold medals in 15yrs


4,000+ plant varieties


Crocus have quickly grown to be the biggest gardening site in the United Kingdom, priding themselves on being able to offer their customers the largest choice of plants available. A Qubit customer since 2014, the company have recently completed a full replatform of their website and have used Qubit’s technology and expertise seamlessly throughout the transition.

The company not only provide thousands of plant varieties but also thousands of products any gardener might need, from garden tools to furniture. As a consequence, the ecommerce team recognize the need to create a relevant experience for each web visitor, ensuring that customers’ differing wants and needs are addressed.

"Qubit played an essential part in our replatform, ensuring that it was business as usual for customers. We need to create seamless, simple, and relevant, experiences for our customers, no matter what’s changing behind the scenes, Qubit was a technology key to overcoming this challenge."

Mayank Shukla

Head of Ecommerce

New website assistance for visitors

Crocus wanted insight into testing and preparing their replatforming, while alleviating any pains traditionally associated with a move to a new ecommerce platform.

They also wanted to ensure that the new website could go live to 100% of traffic without any risk, by ensuring it had been reviewed, and feedback had been given, by their most loyal customers.



Qubit ingested a list of returning loyal customers, and their Qubit IDs, to segment this group of visitors, creating a new VIPs (or VI-Trees) segment.

Crocus choose this segment because they wanted feedback from customers that were already familiar with the Crocus customer journey.

When each visitor in this segment returned to they were shown a pop-up asking them to try the new website. When visitors had experienced the new website, they were shown an animated feedback CTA for any comments or feedback they might have.

When VI-Trees (VIPs) provided feedback, it was sent to the Qubit Opinions database for message categorization and analysis.



Engagement with the experience saw a 60% click through rate. Feedback from customers has been integral for the business as they finalize the new customer journey.

Examples include a customer highlighting that they were unable to add a new billing address during checkout. In this example, Qubit were able to share location and IP address data (not PII) to help them identify where the issue was happening.

crocus-2 (1)
"Qubit have been, and will continue to be, the personalization platform for all of Crocus’ customer experience initiatives. The team and the technology are best-in-class and we are continually impressed by the innovation and strategy that is provided."

Mayank Shukla

Head of Ecommerce

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