Crocus leverages personalization technology to offer customers a frictionless user journey.

UK’s largest gardening site combines their passion and knowledge for plants with a successful ecommerce program.


Founded in 2000


Qubit customer since 2014


4,000+ plant varieties online


Having worked with some of the most prestigious award-winning garden designers at RHS Chelsea flower show, gardening brand Crocus prides itself on offering more than just the best choice of quality plants; endless inspiration. Partnering with Qubit, Crocus wanted to help its customers find the right items across their 4,000-strong catalog of plants and complementary products.

The ecommerce team has been using a combination of both quantitative and qualitative data to provide a seamless journey to ensure that each and every person finds the products they want and love. Through the use of this data they’ve powered social proof, Qubit Visitor Pulse, abandonment recovery, bespoke experiences and more, Crocus are consistently driving customer lifetime value and loyalty.


Using Visitor Pulse to understand online visitors.

The Crocus team wanted to better understand the needs of their visitors, so they used Qubit to deploy a visitor pulse survey. The survey helped the Crocus team understand the customers’ needs and gardening experience level. With this information, the Crocus team could tailor the onward visitor journey to increase the chances of conversion.


Product recommendations on the PDP

With such a large selection of products available, the Crocus team uses its extensive knowledge of plants to help inspire customers. When a customer adds a product to their “wheelbarrow” (basket), they are shown relevant carousels with a choice of both similar products and plants that would “go well with” their selected choice.


1.8% uplift in RPV

"We've been working with the Qubit technology and team for many years and believe it to be the most powerful and versatile personalization solution on the market. We're able to deliver against the strategic goals of the business with Qubit's tailored experiences, recommendations and, as a result, enable our customer to easily find inspiration across our extensive product range"

Mayank Shukla

Head of Ecommerce

Social proof on the PDP

Utilizing ‘wisdom of the crowd’ tactics, the Crocus team wanted visitors to feel confident in their purchase choice, so they badged products on the description page with the number of times the item had been viewed or purchased within predetermined timeframes, e.g. “viewed 12 times in the last 24 hours”.


1.26% uplift in conversion rate
3.71% uplift in RPV


Items in the wheelbarrow reminder

Crocus wanted to re-engage lapsed customers by reminding them what they were looking at when they were last on-site. Using an onsite notification, visitors are welcomed back and shown items saved in their “wheelbarrow”.


1.66% uplift in conversion rate
2.96% uplift in RPV
14% of users clicked on the wheelbarrow

"With an understanding that the customer journey is no longer a linear one, it's integral that we have tactics in place that help visitors to pick up where they left off. Using abandonment recovery tactics, we can help reduce friction and time in the customer experience whilst improving key business metrics."

Simon Field

Commerce Manager

Utilizing Qubit and Mailchimp integration for abandonment recovery

Crocus wanted to ensure that visitors who expressed interest in items on the site got what they wanted once they had bounced. Abandonment recovery tactics were deployed, with an email being sent after a visitor left the site letting them know that their items had been saved.


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