€1mil+ incremental revenue generated with Qubit's personalization platform

Etam relying on Qubit to understand and influence it's customers at scale


Implementation in 15 days


Up to 6.3% increase in RPV


1M Annualized incremental revenue


Etam is a historic brand, already marking their 100 year anniversary of operation, and has consequently become one of the most recognised underwear brands in the world. The diversified product portfolio including ready-to-wear clothing and cosmetics is available in over 50 countries.

Etam focuses it's strategy on three key growth areas; digital, international expansion and innovation, all of which center on creating the best customer experience.

"At Etam, we believe that the traditional loyalty program is disappearing. It is the experience online and offline that customers recieve which will really build customer loyalty."

Jonathan Attali

Director of Ecommerce & Innovation

Using scarcity and urgency effectively

Etam highlighted the products that would soon be 'out of stock' as the visitor selected a size.


2.25% increase in RPV

"Implementing Qubit has been very fast. 15 days of implementation, 15 days of getting up to speed and the solution was live on the entire site. After 3 months of validating some experiences we had seen the ROI of the platform and were very excited about the future possibilities for personalization at Etam."

Jonathan Attali

Director of Ecommerce & Innovation

Leveraging social proof

By highlighting the most added products to the basket on the product listing page.

3.3% uplift in CR

By highlighting the most added products to the basket on the product pages.

"The products we emphasise on the website do not necessarily match what our merchandizing or marketing teams recommend. Now that we are enabled with artificial intelligence and data, we can display the most appropriate products at the right and most relevant time"

Jonathan Attali, Director of Ecommerce & Innovation

6.3% uplift in RPV

Increasing average order values

"The first experiences we launched were stock pointers which showed an immediate impact on RPV. However, combining these with other techniques like social proof and product recommendations we were able to get even more incremental revenue and influence our customers at scale. Next, we're going to be going further with segmentation to multiply the effectiveness of these experiences."

Jonathan Attali,
Director of Ecommerce & Innovation

x3 increase of RPV


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