Multi-channel retailer boosting mobile conversion with product discovery

Studio and Ace using Qubit Aura to build seamless experiences on mobile web

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40,000+ products

65% of all orders online - 2/3 mobile

9mil parcels delivered per year

1.7mil+ customers online


Express Gifts, the owners of the Studio and Ace brands, are a multi-channel retailer based in the UK. With millions of customers and thousands of products, delivering personalization to each and every online visitor, regardless of channel, means using AI is essential.

Traditionally a catalog business, the company have expertly navigated a digital transformation. Through the use of technology like Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura, the company have moved away from heavy reliance on the peak trading period of Christmas, and are now building customer loyalty all year round.

A key focus for Express Gifts has been mobile commerce, and building a seamless customer experience on a channel which is usually reliant on search or a hamburger menu for product discovery. With a catalog of 40,000 products, Express Gifts needed to show the right products to their customers, by using visitor behavior to tailor products according to their interests. As a result they implemented Qubit Aura.

Qubit Aura on Studio and Ace

The ecommerce team have been seeing a rise in customers using mobile web to explore and find new products. The team wanted to make the experience on mobile more seamless and much more in keeping with how users like to browse and engage on the small screen.

With this in mind, the company deployed Qubit Aura across both brands to increase the number of products a visitor saw, and create a unique discovery experience for each individual visitor.

“Like most multi-channel retailers we are seeing an enormous shift to online as it's where our customer is spending more and more of their time. We need to be creating industry-leading experiences to make sure we are gaining the trust of new visitors and building loyalty with existing customers. With Qubit we can do this across our digital channels.”

Craig Elwell

Head of Ecommerce


Qubit Aura has been live on both the and mobile websites. Since launch the company are realizing:

--- Open rates approaching 20%

--- Customers using Qubit Aura convert twice as much in comparison to conventional methods.

“Qubit Aura has surpassed all expectations for the team and the wider business. The solution has had a demonstrable impact on bottom line for the business and is enabling 1:1 personalization at scale, only possible with artificial intelligence."

Craig Elwell

Head of Ecommerce

Looking ahead

Express Gifts is a leading retailer, standing at the intersection of ecommerce and technology. The company has become known for innovation and rethinking the way customers engage with them and discover products from their ever-changing catalog.

With a vast, diverse product range, online personalization has become a key pillar of differentiation for the business regardless of the channel a visitor uses to browse, shop or purchase. Through Qubit Aura they are able to reinvent themselves for mobile, unlocking the channel as a key area of opportunity for the business.

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