Social proof drives £1m in annualized revenue for Express Gifts

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Annualized revenue driven by social proof

1.4mil customers
a year

300+ stores



Express Gifts is one of the largest multi-channel retail businesses in the UK, selling 35,000 products and owning brands such as and Working with Qubit since May 2016, Express Gifts are looking to understand and influence their online visitors to achieve personalization at scale.

"Personalizing the online experience for our customers is a board mandated priority. Qubit’s ability to understand the customer, deploy relevant experiences, and remove ambiguity through validation, was the main reason we chose them.”

Craig Ewell

Head of Ecommerce

Social proof in action

By grouping customers into valuable segments, Express Gifts can now deliver personalized messaging throughout the complex visitor journey, significantly increasing new customer acquisition.

Using Qubit’s social proof solution, Express Gifts has served up trending products to visitors, which is already achieving over £1 million in annualized revenue.



Intelligent abandonment recovery

Qubit abandonment recovery is also being used to address the challenge of visitors highlighting product names in order to search for cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Copy paste detection surfaces a message around flexible payment terms.


"With such a diverse range of products the need to create hyper-relevant experiences is key. Having everything in one sophisticated platform means demonstrating a return on investment is quickly achievable.”

Craig Ewell

Head of Ecommerce

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