Personalization playing a key role in driving loyalty and retention

Frederick’s of Hollywood use data-driven experiences to build customer journeys that resonate


Frederick’s of Hollywood is a globally recognized leader in intimate apparel. The company has placed personalization at the heart of their ecommerce strategy in order to drive loyalty, increase customer lifetime value and engage both new and existing customers.

As a Qubit customer since 2017, the ecommerce team has focused on building experiences through a combination of proven techniques, including product recommendations, social proof and abandonment recovery.

"Personalization has become integral to the way we are perceived as a brand. The techniques we employ are what our visitors have come to expect - relevant messaging throughout the engagement. Qubit allows us to be relevant all the time."

Grace Choi

Director of Ecommerce

Product recommendations on the PDP

The recommended products surfaced as a result of what other like-minded shoppers were purchasing. This makes the shopping experience more relevant, as well as making it more likely for the customer to purchase more than one item.

--- 2.97% uplift in RPV

"As an ecommerce business, we're continually looking at our data to inform future customer journeys. Understanding what works, and what doesn't, with Qubit, means we can improve experiences and constantly be increasing revenue per visitor."

Grace Choi

Director of Ecommerce

'Low in stock' for the PDP

To ensure visitors didn’t miss out on the products that they were interested in, an experience was fired to address those products that were low in stock. If the product had more than 10 in stock the number value would be displayed, but if the stock was between 11-20 then the ‘Low in Stock’ messaging would be fired.

--- 5.4% uplift in RPV

"The only way to create differentiated experiences is through the use of segmentation. This allows customers to have a relevant experience with our brand online. Qubit will enable us to scale these experiences across segments and channels so that we're always curating our customer's journey."

Grace Choi

Director of Ecommerce

Segmented badging on the PLP

In order to be more targeted with their onsite messaging, the company created segments to surface specific badging on the product listing page (PLP). Segments created included; new non-purchasers that saw ‘Trending’ badging, returning non- purchasers that saw ‘Recently viewed’ badging and returning purchasers that saw ‘Recommended for you’ badging.

--- 0.52% uplift in conversion rate


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