Gala Bingo build seamless customer experiences with Qubit Pro.

Award-winning Bingo operator personalize for each and every player across the user journey.

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Founded in 2006

£42mil in prizes each week

EGR Innovation Award for personalization program



Gala Bingo has been the UK’s most trusted Bingo operator since founding in 2006. Now a household name, the company has hundreds of thousands of customers playing a range of games including bingo, slingo, slots and casino.

The Gala Bingo team uses Qubit Pro to keep ahead of the competition and differentiate the gaming experience their players have online. The personalizations built with Qubit leverage industry-leading capabilities including; Qubit Live Tap, the Qubit API, and the Developer Toolkit.

Propensity modeling for cross-selling into new games.


Slingo is an immensely popular game for Gala Bingo and the team was looking to understand which other players, who hadn’t tried Slingo, might enjoy the game. To do this they used Qubit Live Tap to work out which players hadn’t played Slingo but showed similar traits and behaviors to those that did - creating a personalized Slingo recommendation model.


Splitting the prospect audience into three; content-led messaging, offer-led messaging and a control the team could understand which experience worked the best.


Control - 5.4% played

Content-led message - 10.5% played

Offer-led message - 3.9% played


*Personalized, content-led messaging proved the best experience meaning the Gala Bingo team didn’t cannibalize potential revenue by giving an offer.



"Through the use of Qubit, we've been able to deliver consistent and seamless customer journey's for multiple segments and individuals. Without technology like Qubit we wouldn't have been able to build context-led scalable experiences that drive customer loyalty and ensure they always use Gala Bingo for gaming."

Anna Venturas

Head of Customer Experience & Analytics

Segmented live jackpot feed on the homepage. 


The team displayed a live jackpot feed on the Gala Bingo home page only to players who had played Red Tiger games. The experience showed the feed as well as an image and link related to the games each customer played.

With Qubit, Gala Bingo could show different content to each and every player ensuring it was relevant to them whilst keeping the jackpot feed and figure the same.


7.6% average uplift in turnover on Red Tiger games

28% uplift in NGR (Net Gaming Revenue) on Red Tiger games

Win reminders for successful players.


Providing notifications to players of their recent wins proved to be a great way of re-engaging players with games they had previously played. A segment of players was created based on a number of datasets including those that had a minimum of £10 win on any game.

With over 100 games included in the campaign, each player would see their winning amount, as well as a thumbnail of the particular game they had winnings on, with a link to launch the game. The reminder was fired to players who won a particular game one week after the win.


16% average uplift in total deposit amount

39% average uplift in turnover

21% average uplift in successful deposits

"We are constantly looking at how to optimize the customer journey, and with Qubit we've been able to do this. The capabilities of Qubit enables multiple teams to leverage and action the insights of our players at different stages of their engagement with Gala. Millions of users play on Gala every week and we are constantly looking for ways to differentiate, Qubit is an integral technology partner for us to do that."

Maria Grigorova

Customer Journey Optimization Manager

Segmented homepage takeovers. 


Through a deep understanding of customer groups, the Gala Bingo team could curate tailored homepages with relevant content and offers to increase engagement.

By using a post login site takeover template, the team could use data including; product/game preferences, browsing behavior, and gameplay history to segment and display different content.


2.82% uplift in RPV

“Access to data and the ability to derive insights from that data to personalizeis integral for Ladbrokes Coral Group. We need to understand behavior and intent in real-time so that the experiences we deploy truly resonate. Qubit Live Tap and the API enable us to leverage real-time data and curate tailored user journeys.”

Anna Venturas

Head of Customer Experience + Analytics

Looking ahead

Gala Bingo has seen industry-leading growth due to a focus on the customer and building personalized experiences for their players. Personalization is a true differentiator for the business allowing the creation of 1:1 content and offers depending on the particular campaigns and strategies set by the business.

Qubit Pro enables the organization to constantly improve upon the customer journey through unrivaled access to analytics and insights that can be actioned ‘in-the- moment’.

Gala Bingo will continue to curate tailored offers and content based on the intent and behavior players are displaying ensuring relevant context as every step of the customer journey.

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