Accelerating customer centricity with powerful personalization

How the team at Halfords is empowered to act on in-depth customer understanding


460 retail stores throughout the UK


30,000 product lines online


9,000 employees


Established in 1902, Halfords has been known for one of the best high-street customer service experiences you’re likely to get. The retailer of car parts, car enhancements, camping equipment, and bicycles, have been on a huge digital transformation in the last couple of years.

Due to the changing nature of both strategy and focus, the ecommerce and merchandising teams have been able to remain agile through the use of Qubit technology. From product recommendations to placements, trending carousels and weather personalizations, the user experience has been completely transformed.

"It's that personalization piece that's key to enabling service. It's taking digital from being what can be a distant sales experience, to making the customer feel like the Halfords colleague is truly by their side, even when they're connecting through a digital channel."

Tony Rivenell

Chief Digital Officer

Personalized entry pages

Halfords wanted to use their SCV to curate a differentiated and personalized experience for each of their key segments.

Through an understanding of distinct shopping behaviors combined with real-time location and weather data a unique experience could be created based on where the customer was shopping from.

The homepage was split into 5 distinct modules; a relevant banner, a personalized welcome banner (if logged in), weather forecast, a help and advice placement and finally a top trending carousel. Within these modules Qubit can serve the most relevant content based on segment, location and weather.

"Halfords is famous for customer centricity...As a result we need to constantly push the boundaries of what can be achieved with the latest technology and strategy. Qubit has been an integral digital commerce partner for us."

Andrew Read

Head of Ecommerce

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