Hobbs creates seamless online customer journeys with Qubit personalization technology.

Luxury fashion brand using Qubit’s social proof, product recommendations and badging to deliver relevant context to every visitor


Founded in 1981, launched an online store in 2008


50+ countries served


1000+ products


Hobbs is a luxury women’s fashion brand that encapsulates British style with its range of clothing, shoes, and accessories. The brand is synonymous with world-class in-store experiences and the ecommerce team wanted to translate that to the online channel as well.

A Qubit customer since 2015, the Hobbs team has been partnering with Qubit to understand their customers, both new and returning, with proven strategies like social proof, product badging and product recommendations. The Hobbs ecommerce team has the flexibility to deploy these experiences, as well as others, throughout the site and when it best makes sense to do so with their customers.

Social proof on the PDP

Social proof is a highly effective technique in giving visitors who are viewing products the nudge they might need to convert.

With ‘Our Customers Love” and “Trending Style” messaging, Hobbs deployed social proof messaging in numerous areas onsite to leverage behavioral heuristics, and the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ effect, to great success.

4% uplift in RPV

"Personalization is now a key differentiator in our online strategy. Our customers have discerning taste and require the online experience to be on a par with one they might expect in-store. By providing relevant context throughout each journey we’re able to consistently raise the experience bar."

Libby Cross

Head of Ecommerce

Product badging on the PLP

Hobbs is badging products based on particular variables like ‘New in’ or ‘Perfect for Work’. This gives each visitor a relevant piece of context to the type of product it is.

Using the product SKU, badges are then deployed on products across the product listing page (PLP) to make it easier for the user to select the most appropriate item.


Up to 3% uplift in RPV across various executions

"Our personalization program is ultimately about building trust with our customers, and creating a brand affinity that whenever they need a new item they think of us not only because of the quality of the product but also because of the quality of the experience. Qubit allows us to build this trust through the effective deployment of experiences across the website."

Libby Cross

Head of Ecommerce

Product recommendations across the customer journey

Product recommendations are an effective way of demonstrating to an onsite browser complementary products to the one they’ve either got in their bag or are showing intent for.

Hobbs has deployed numerous product recommendations throughout the customer journey. ‘Shop the Look’ suggests products that go with the item being looked at, and ‘You May Also Like’ is fired on the basket page using data from what the user has shown an interest in.

Recommendations on Homepage, Basket Page, PDP and PLP


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