Hobbycraft builds authentic and lasting relationships with visitors using Qubit.

Leading crafts brand implements Qubit Pro’s capabilities to increase RPV and conversion rates at the most effective touchpoints on the purchase journey.

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Founded in 1995

25,000+ products

90+ UK locations

Qubit customer since 2013



As the UK’s leading arts and crafts retailer, Hobbycraft’s passion for crafts and quality is at the center of both their extensive product selection and winning customer experience.

With such a broad customer base across a wide range of demographics, hobbies and skill levels, the Hobbycraft team wanted to ensure that every visitor had a relevant and engaging onsite experience and journey, so they teamed up with Qubit in 2013 to deploy personalization experiences that resonate.

Leveraging Qubit’s capabilities of social proof, low stock pointers and product recommendations, the Hobbycraft team has seen results that exceed industry averages and are now looking ahead at what they can achieve next with Qubit and personalization. 

Social proof on the PDP - mobile and desktop


The Hobbycraft team wanted to reassure their visitor base and increase confidence in purchase decisions, so they deployed a social proof experience on both mobile and desktop sites that highlighted how many times the product had been “bagged” in the last 48 hours.

This experience proved incredibly successful with Hobbycraft customers, as results show a much higher uplift than industry averages.



8.37% uplift in RPV


10.6% uplift in RPV

4.35% uplift in conversion rate

£1mil incremental value driven yearly


"We wanted to put the customer at the heart of our ecommerce strategy, so we chose Qubit to help us implement personalization experiences that would help us to meet the evolving demands of our customer base. With Qubit, we’ve been able to make use of the wealth of data available to us to target visitors with the right messages at the right time."


Jenny North

Head of Digital Experience

Product recommendations on the basket pop-up


Product recommendations are an effective way of and creating a seamless purchase journey; by displaying relevant items to the one visitors are showing intent for, you can help customers to find what they’re looking for without extensive browsing.

The Hobbycraft team identified the points in the purchase journey where product recommendations would be most compelling and implemented the experience on the ‘add to basket’ pop-up, with great results.


4% uplift in RPV

Social proof to highlight reviews


In a reviews-driven market, consumers look to the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ in order to affirm their decision to purchase.

With that in mind, the Hobbycraft team highlighted reviews as a badge on the product description page to convey that the viewed item is ‘top-rated’ which drove an increase in conversions and a significant increase in incremental value for Hobbycraft.


8.13% uplift in conversions

£242k incremental revenue driven

"With such a large and varied product catalog, ensuring that the customer is able to find the right products for them with ease and feel confident in purchasing has been a priority. With personalization, we’ve seen an increase in conversions and revenue through the effective use of data and targeting"

Helen Morling

UX Manager

Low stock pointers on the PDP


The Hobbycraft team didn’t want customers to miss out on their desired products, so an experience was deployed that displayed a badge when stock for the item they were currently viewing dropped below a certain level, for example ‘only 2 left in stock’.


2.59% uplift in conversion rate

2% uplift in RPV

“As a retailer that helps hobbyists to pursue their passion, we wanted to ensure the relevant and informative in-store experience is also conveyed online. With Qubit Pro, we’ve been able to create a seamless purchase journey by deploying experiences that build trust and loyalty whilst also making a positive impact against our business objectives”

Tim MacIvor

Digital Director

Basket abandonment message


Re-engaging lapsed customers is an issue frequently faced by retail brands. In order to combat this, the Hobbycraft team wanted to remind customers that they had items in their basket when they looked like they were about to leave the site. This way, customers can pick back up where they left off for a frictionless purchase journey.


2.82% uplift in RPV

Looking ahead

In the future, Hobbycraft will continue to deploy effective personalization experiences to provide its customer base with an experience that engages and delights, no matter what the channel. 

With unrivaled access to customer data and the tools to utilize it from Qubit, the Hobbycraft team will keep exploring how to make the purchase journey more relevant to their onsite visitors and progressing towards launching one-to-one personalization experiences at scale.

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