Jacadi delivering contextual experiences for all online visitors

Fashion retailer leveraging Qubit Start technology to increase customer lifetime value and loyalty with x5 ROI.


Founded in 1976


39 countries


270+ global stores


x5 ROI with Qubit


Jacadi, the French childrenswear brand which reinvents and passes on the magic of childhood, has been leveraging the power of personalization to get them closer to their customers and new onsite visitors. With millions of visitors each year, the team needs to ensure that each person has an experience and user journey that resonates. Personalization, therefore, is key to the relevancy of every engagement and the ecommerce team use Qubit to add context at every opportunity.

Through the use of product recommendations, social proof, urgency messaging and Qubit Aura, the team has already been delivering against their personalization goals. The team wanted to consolidate their existing technology stack and have a solution that could give them more visibility about the experiences and strategies deployed.

Product recommendations on the PDP

Product recommendations are used across the ecommerce website to increase the relevancy of what’s on offer and boost average order value. In this example, recommendations are used on the product detail page to show the visitor similar items to the one they are showing intent for.

--- +3.6% uplift in conversion rate
--- 1.8% uplift in RPV

"Jacadi sought a partner that was well established in the retail and fashion business. In a short space of time, Qubit has proven its ability. We're already demonstrating to the rest of the business the impact personalization can have on the bottom line. With a 5 times return on investment already, we're excited to push the boundaries of the technology even further."

Delphine Audibert

Digital Director

Product recommendations on the PLP

In addition to product recommendations on the PDP, Jacadi has also deployed the strategy on the product listing page. Qubit technology learns what the visitor might be interested in and automates the merchandising of this placement on the website. For the PLP, the customer is immediately presented the most relevant products for them.

--- 3.2% uplift in RPV


Social proof to boost average order values

Using social proof on the PDP is an incredibly effective technique in giving customers the nudge they might need to convert. Utilizing the ‘wisdom of the crowd’, Jacadi is able to offer that little

bit of context - ‘Coup de coeur du moment’ (Favorite of the moment) - to reassure the customer.

--- 7% uplift in RPV 
--- 3.6% uplift in conversion rate

"Customer-centricity is the key component of Jacadi's strategy. We have to think about how each and every visitor wants to engage and on what channel. Personalization is what every visitor comes to expect when they are on a website and, as a brand, we need to be at the forefront of these always changing dynamics. "

Delphine Audibert

Digital Director

Low stock pointer to avoid disappointed customers

Low stock pointers, a form of product badging, are used to ensure customers don’t bounce from a product page without first securing an item in their basket. By programmatically displaying the stock levels of items, you make sure they don’t miss out.

--- 6.6% uplift in RPV 
--- 4.5% uplift in conversion rate

"Giving our customers the most relevant context, recommendations and insights at every point of their visitor journey is an incredibly exciting thing to be able to do. With millions of visitors across multiple channels each year, being able to add timely and consistent messaging is truly building customer loyalty."

Delphine Audibert

Digital Director

Qubit Aura takes mobile experience to the next level

Qubit Aura, the product discovery solution for mobile web, curates an Instagram-like feed of products that changes based on the behavior and actions the individual makes. Jacadi customers on mobile can select Qubit Aura and begin to prime the solution with products they like.

In turn, Aura will then create a feed of products that are most relevant to that unique user. The individual can engage with the feed quickly and see many more products than they normally would on the small-screen mobile optimized website.

--- 8% open rate 
--- 13 average products seen
--- 7.5% uplift in conversion rate


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